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  1. Only way to fix this on-going argument is simple, have an option for zombie AI. Classic zombie: If within eyesight, they will be attracted towards you but cannot jump/climb up blocks and attacks random blocks to get to you [not the weakest point]. Evolved zombie: Zombies are now smarter and are able to navigate their ways around/over any block that players can navigate.
  2. Currently in the process of a new youtube channel in which the games i play are all roleplayed and seen through the eyes of X character [currently working on Skyrim / 7d2d / The Division], have recorded a few scenes so far of my 7d2d series and would like people's opinion on which video they prefer as a flashback. [Storywise - This is set in Navezgane and the city of Diersville which has been walled off to stop the zombie infection from reaching the city. Flashback happens to the point where a horde of zombies are at the entrance to the city and are able to breach / overrun the place.]
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