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Its called 7 days to die not die 7 times oin one day!


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Just a hint from another player to help you with the game.


Turn off zombies, prepare yourself, so you won't be killed.

Play a little without zombies, scavenging, stockpiling food, weapons, ammo, building your base.

As you feel ready, turn zombies on again and enjoy the game.


It isn't a perfect method, but it artificially lowers game difficulty.



There is a way doing it respecting the game spirit.

In the opening movie, the guy met his first zombies on 7th day, they seems to be the bloodmoon horde.

So you can do the same thing, turn off zombies, prepare yourself as in the intro movie, and turn on zombies on 7th day for the bloodmoon horde.

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The hardest part is when you first start playing. There is so much to learn, and you're not given much time to figure it out.


As previously stated, tune the settings to your preference to start with. I perfer 120 min days, and daylight being 18 hours a day.


When you first start out, don't be ashamed to run away from zombies. Until you grind out equipment to boost their quality, you're going to be weak. Keep your distance, once you have a bow and find enough feathers to have arrows to spare, then engage. If youre in an area where dogs tend to spawn, always be aware of cars that you can jump onto.


If your playing on a Random Gen map, avoid 0.0 hub city at all costs until you have serious weaponry and skills to survive.


If on Navezgane, don't go into towns like Perishton, or Diersville, or Gravestown. Starting out, stick to smaller locations. Gas stations, apartments, etc. The Junkyard in the Desert has a Chemistry station, and O'Reallys Auto SE of there has a workbench. I love starting there. Just beware of the dogs in the junkyard...


Starting out can be frustrating in trying to figure out what exactly you need to do. Best advice is immediately gather enough resources to grind out stone axes and wooden clubs during the 1st night. If you can get at least to 100 quality, then youre on the right path.


My 1st attempt at the game was laughable. Didn't know what to look for, or knew the crafting system. Dying was easy lol. After a short period of time, ended up on Navezgane, and began to learn it all. Spent a good amount of time on that game, but it taught me through trial and error. Also how I learned 120 min days was better than 50/60 mins.


Now, after just a few months, found a Random Gen map I wanted to be on. 85 days, only death was by accident as the road passed into the stupid boundry of the map.


It can be considered cheating, but if horde night is coming and you can't handle it, you can hide underground ( dig far away from entrance), or find a 0 or lower elevation and using wooden frames, jump upward as you place them below you till you hit the sky wall +194, if done before horde hour begins, they won't find you.

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