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My Journal Part 3


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This is part 3 of a series of story's I am writing about the game 7D2D. You should read the first two Journals I've posted first. I write to be both entertaining and add tips to help new seasoned players be better in the game.

Disclaimer: This survival writing in this Journal should not be used as a survival guild in real life.




Today I am starting a journal. I am doing this because for the first time since this... disaster started I have found new hope. As I write this my hands tremble with excitement for the future and with the help of my new friend. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.


I grew up in Arizona but moved to New York to work at the stock exchange. My dad recently passed away and had left me his home, mom died a long time ago. It's been so long and I have been so busy with my work that I lost touch with my dad. Now he's gone... I didn't know what to do. So I went to the funeral and drove to Arizona to see the home I grew up in.


I was staying there, thinking of what to do with the house when all hell broke loose. The war started and I found myself hiding in the seller of my old home.


Thankfully my dad had been thinking ahead and had stocked the seller with all sorts of things that one might need to wait out a war. It had food, water medicine. A generator with plenty of gas and even a TV. I couldn’t do much, didn't dare go outside so I spent the time watching the news reports.


The stories were all conflicting, some saw we were winning the war while others said we weren’t. I stayed the down there for weeks, then the strange reports came in about people attacking other people. Nothing new, violence was a way of life in the city. But this was different. These people were deformed and would attack others on sight. Then start eating them. That's when I heard them called zombie for the first time. I could not believe my ears at first. Isn’t this stuff out of movies like Frankenstein and the wolf man? But not also did the stories continued, but got worse. More and more attacks reported all over the country. At first I thought it was localized, some sort of bioweapon used against us by our enemy’s but then I got reports that it was happening all over the world.


Then, it happened. There I was watching the news and the biggest explosion that I ever experience hit. I more felt it and heard because it shook the house to its foundation. I was flying through the air and I thought I was going to die. Then everything went black.


I must have blacked out, don't know for how long. The power was out when I came to and it was pitch black. There was something heavy on top of me and I was pinned. The shelter had now become a tome.

I don’t know what scared me more. Being buried alive or getting out only face what was happening out there. I guess wanting to live won out because I found the will to move and started to dig my way out.



I don't know how much time had passed since then or how long it took to free myself. It was dumb luck that I found that flashlight. The place was partly caved in, but I did find some food and by then I was starving. Nothing worked and I lost my watch. I had no idea how much time had passed.


After some time, I managed to dig my way out of the seller and my family home that fell in on me.


My family home was on the plains of Arizona. Wide open areas and ice covered mountains in the distance. Much of the land seemed untouched. Most of the trees weren’t uprooted. But I could see that the blast was from some distance away.

I took what supply’s I could find and set out looking for help. But all I found was some abandoned farm buildings that were boarded up. If only I stayed, then I would know what were to go and what to do. But it’s been so long since I was here and I didn’t remember much.

I saw a few of those walking abominations that the reporters called zombies. They looked like rotting corpses. I avoided them as much as I could.

I felt pretty safe on the plains. I thought that I could see any trouble coming a mile away. But I didn’t think about these things laying in the tall grass and rising up when I got close. I had to watch out for wolves to, they were much faster than zombies and more aggressive. Those were not my only enemy, cactus was always around and with those thrones… I only had to step on them once to know I would never do that again. Still, I remember what my dad told me about cactus though. That I could cut them open and eat them. While not as filling, they kept me alive.

I found myself scavenging though trash that lay everywhere. It’s amazing what people though away.

I even found a pot at a camp site and used that to boil water. I even made some goldenrod tea. My mom used to make it for us when I was growing up and when I had dysentery. Cleared it right up. Also helped me feel stronger.

One time I did break into one of those houses because I was starving. I saw body’s in the home. As I was going through the kitchen heard a noise, it was one of those things that I thought was dead. It came at me and sacred me haft to death. I would have run but I was trapped inside.

I had made this stone ax. I charged the thing and as I ran past it, swung my ax, I timed it just right and it could never catch me. It fell after a few swings and thought it was dead but it got back up again. I should have smashed it’s head in while it was down. So I charged it and swung. Finally I nailed it right on the head. It went down for good. I ran then. Right out of the house and past a few more of those things.


I just kept running. I found myself in a desert, it was really hot and I almost died of heatstroke.

I found this town and I went into this hotel. I had no idea why, Just that I was on the verge of passing out.

There was this room that was covered with blood. I found supply’s and even this Journal. I read it that night under one of the few working lights. I have no idea where the power for it was coming from. I read about this guy that I learned how to survive in the desert. This Journal was a real Godsend.

I spent a few days there, resting, gathering my strength. I applied what I learned from the journal and I felt much better.

I was thinking about exploring the town the next day but that night the sky got really red, the same way that the last entry described it. From the looks of it, I knew there would be trouble. Turns out I was right.


That night, those things came for me. They seemed to know where I was no matter where I hid. They tracked me down like a bloodhound. I think some of them were by the way some of the more misshapen ones ran on all fours. Almost like it was mutating into a dog. I must have ran and hid most of the night. Always staying one step ahead of them. Closing doors behind me only slowed them down.

Sometimes I found myself out in the open, so I would run around trees, lamp post even cactuses, anything to slow them down.


I was exhausted and I didn’t know how much further I could run. Then I saw this person running up a ramp to this building that looked pretty sound. I figured that whoever he was. He wasn’t a zombie because all of them seemed to be chasing me, not running away.

I raced up the ramp and was though the doorway just as the ramp itself gave way and fell leaving rubble on the ground. I found myself staring down the business end of a shotgun. I think I would have died then and there if he hadn’t realized that I was alive.

We talked and I gained some trust, well at least he didn’t shoot me. We spend an uneasy night watching the zombies trying to get up to us but couldn’t. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to live the night. Either being eaten by zombies or shot by this guy.

The man told me that he had blocked off all the other stairwells and that ramp was the only way up. That he rigged that ramp to fall and triggered it when he saw me come up. Said he was sorry, that he did not realize that I wasn’t a zombie. Then told me that those things would stop going crazy once the sun came up. I looked back down and then at him and thought that he had lost his mind. But after what we have been though who could blame him.

We got to know each other as we waited for dawn. I don’t think either of us could sleep with those things moaning like that. When dawn broke the zombies seemed to lose interest in us. As long as we didn’t do anything to draw their attention. I couldn’t believe it.

When I asked, the man said that he didn’t know why it worked that way. Only that it did.

We talked and I told him my story. About traveling to Arizona and my trek through the desert. That I almost died but for the help of a journal. Up to that point he didn’t seem too interested until I mentioned the journal. He started asking questions about it, so I took it out and read it to him. I got the first few lines before I noticed that he was mouthing the works as if he knew them. I stopped reading and he finished the sentence without reading it.

I was like, how did you know that?

The man turned to me, smiled and said. “I wrote it”.








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