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  1. Looks like a bear that I took down a few months back, with the arrows of course.
  2. Sounds like a great way to max out the bow.
  3. Hunting at night with Night vision I went hunting at night because it was too boring to just hang out at my base, waiting for feral's to attack me. Really I was going to do a mission but suddenly there were all these animals so I had to try. I ended up killing two wolves, one looked like a dire wolf. I found a bear nearby. Did you know that you can climb on top of the bridge? So I was shooting it but then got hit by some zombies that were coming from behind and were gnawing on my backside. I took care of them and went back to shooting the bear. I ran out of arrows and my blunderbuss wasn't doing anything. So I attacked it with my shovel but kept getting hit. I tried again with my blunderbuss. It worked now. I did not make it to the mission but had a load of meat and stuff and so headed back home around dawn. Things of note: Night vision is great. Primitive bow's aim and damage still suck. Blunderbuss can be powerful but only at point blank range and can still miss. Guess that's why they call it a blunder.
  4. WHAAAAAT!?!? It only stood up to twenty some arrows? What a wimp!
  5. Not me. I'm known as the badass of Navezgane. lol I killed a dog with my fist 30 seconds after start with nothing but my fist. On the second night I punched out a Direwolf, took it's head clean off. 😆
  6. What do you do when you start a game then? 😁
  7. Just make the shovel the most powerful tool in the game and I will be happy.
  8. Day 2 On the second day I set out to do better. I started scavenging and ran into a wolf. It attacked me and ran off. I gave chase but shouldn't have due to my pack being overloaded. That and I forgot my ammo for my blunderbuss. I was funny to see. But glad I did because it gave me a chance to see what it would do. Sure enough it acted. The thing attacked me again and I beat it up again. Then ran off. Now I'm wondering if they heal up after moving away... Took a mission from trader Joe, made myself a stone shovel and tried it out on the first zed I found. It was like I shot it with a 357 magnum and I only hit it in the head once. It flew back as if hit by a truck, it's head exploding. I took on others but had different results. I saw the supply plane and the drop Marked it for latter. I got to the site marked by the trader for search and destroy, The zombies were tough but they were no match for a badass like me. 😁 I was beating the crap out of them as I went around the yard and into the building. Forgot my ammo again but didn't need it. I fell though the floor at one point right into a pool of water while tiring to jump up to a broken latter. You think fighting a bunch of zombie's in a closed in space is hard? Try fighting doing that while IN the water. HA! We traded blows as I was trying to keep my head above the water. I finally found my way to dry land and worked my way though some caves. You would think the place was owned by a bunch of golfers the way those tunnels ran. With several ladders leading upward. I patched up, waited for the zombie's to come up and played Wak-a-mole with them as they popped up. lol Good times. Turned in my mission and bought some night vision and Lucky looter goggles. Took on another mission for the next day, then went after the supply drop. On my way there I saw a chicken. (Honestly officer it just ran right IN front of me) lol 😆 No but seriously it really did run right in front of me, then stopped right in the grass. So I killed and harvested it. I ended up going into the waistbands for the supply's. But the trip was mostly uneventful. I did like the new effects on the supply box with the flashing lights. Plus the orange smoke does not go away once you get close any more. I liked that. I got back and settling in for the night. I might need to go for a walk if those zed's big brothers come looking for me again. Thankfully I have the night vision. Which will be a big help. It's hard enough fighting spider zombies when you CAN see them. lol
  9. Are you suggesting that other drywall is better? 00
  10. lol I love this! But no you can't use the shovel as a blunt weapon currently. All you can do is thrust with it.
  11. I call them shovel spears and yes they are still good. and in a way better than the spear. 😁 Power thrust. Spears are great at keeping your distance. But when your fighting against fast enemy's like birds the bone knife is better. You know, this gives me an idea...
  12. HA! I got that on the first day! That was after my fight with the dog. A few attacked me all day. Had fatigued and at half health but the were no match for my bone knife. 😆
  13. I thought that my first day was rough. I forgot how bad it can get at night. I set up camp at a trailer were I started at. I got attracted around midnight by a feral zombie. At first it was not so bad. Then I ran into a spider zombie. I thought that going unarmed against a dog at the start was tough. I managed to kill it but broke both my arm and leg at doing so. Got infected again. Found out that I can patch up both my arm and leg using the materials of one cast. Treated the infection with the last of my honey. Even with the fire out I still get zombies and feral zombies attacking me all night. Still plagued with fatigued but not a big deal. Hoping to do better the next day.
  14. Yeah guys Roland here knows what he is doing. He's been around so it would be good to listen to him. Yeah, I did notice a dog cage after the attack. I never seen this in the game before. Thanks for the tip.
  15. I started back in Alpha-19 stable after taking a long break. My first day I spawned in the Pine forest in front of a trailer. I was checking out a car there and got attacked by a dog. Dern thing hit and I could not get out of the looting thing. I ended up punching it to death. I took laceration, fatigue, lost half my health and got infected. All in the first five minutes. lol I never even heard of fatigue in the game. I did my start up quest and searched around. The trailer was gold mine. Almost worth the trouble for all the loot I found. I did notice that there seems to be a problem looting plants as the game seems to think that I am trying to dig. I never had that problem before, well not this much anyway. I found the trader, did some deals and searched around the map. Went in an expanding circle from my staring point which I used as a drop off point. I found the burnt forest and chased a rabbit in the waist land. Doing pretty well against the vultures that attacked me due to my low heath. I found a sowing kit and treated my laceration. I found out that my avatar is so fat that she got stuck in a hole in the wall that you could ride a bike though. lol No but really, the hole was at a downward angle so I got stuck there. Headed back, dropped off my loot and sold some of it. I avoided some POI's as they seemed to dangerous in my condition. But did find a camp in the pine forest that was used to crow corn. I looted it and found some honey. It was in a Shamway's food box. I found a bit earlier but not enough. Now I had enough to treat my infection. Yay! It was getting dark so I got some water from a nearby river to boil and settled in for the night. Not bad for my first day.
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