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  1. Wasteland challenge. Day one, level one.
  2. My first few days in the Wasteland My first few days in the Wasteland After exploring a missile silo on day one I wanted a challenge. So I started a new game and headed out to the Wasteland, day 1 level 1. I started a new game and spawned in the burnt forest biome and in few game hours to the Wasteland. It was the first time I tried this and didn't know where to go. So I headed to where I thought Trader Jen was. With vulture’s circling overhead and landmines underfoot I headed through. I was still doing the tutorial along the way and got struck by a zombie. All at once four vultures swarmed me. I thought I was going to die and nearly did. But just then I looked up and saw Trader Jen's place and ran for it. Wishing that I wasn’t laiden down with loot that I picked up. Thankfully I wasn’t;’t fully loaded down. The one thing that may have saved me was that the four vultures were attacking me at once. I presented such a small target for them that they hit each-other in their efforts. Exhausted I opened the gates. The dam birds can swoop in even under the doors. But I still managed to heal and fight them off. I got food from killing snakes with a spear, but shovels seem better. Made a bone knife out of the gore pile of some dead animal. Found eggs and feathers from birds nest. Even some food from looting. This place is rich in stone and metal but not as much wood. Landmines are a big threat here as they seem randomly placed and you can easily set one off as they are small and hard to see even in the daytime. They are even harder in the shadows of buildings and hills. The torch helps out here. I set one off once and it nearly killed me. Using them to take out zombies is a great use for them. As the day wore on I thought about night and so I started to dig myself a shelter but found a better spot on the second floor on in some warehouse building made of brick and concrete. The first floor was caved in and it was hard to reach the second floor but I found a way. The one room is solid with little chance of it collapsing due to the rubble underneath. As the sun began to sun set, I moved my stuff there, nearly avoiding a zombie bear sniffing around my old stash. Still getting attacked by vultures if my health dropped and by zombie dogs. Good thing I could outrun the dogs but I had to travel lite to do so. Aloe Vera cream can stop bleeding. I made some from the plants that I got while going through the desert biome. Once when I got attacked I used it and stopped the bleeding at one health. I went back to the traders and I used the metal and clay I got to make a pot at a forge that happened to still be working at Jen's place. I also traded with Jen and got some honey from here because she was so sweet, but really it was to cure the infection that I got. It healed it right up. I made it back to my new shelter and closed the doorway with two doors I crafted in my shelter just at night fell. Quietly, I cooked some ham and eggs (meat and eggs) and boiled some water that I got from a nearby lake. I made some candles out of grass and the fat of the zombie dogs and used some of the hide to make other things like a wrap to protect my hands in punching. Later that night the zombies paid me a visit and hung out outside of my base. They tried to get in but could not figure out how. Day 2 In the early morning I poked my head out and found about a dozen zombies around, each with the glow in their eyes so I knew they were feral and not to be messed with. As I worked my way around the league of the building I found that I was surrounded. Stealthfully I shot at a few, took one down. But mostly I waited till dawn. It got light earlier then I expected. I thought that the feral would slow down but they just died right at the crack of dawn. One dropped a bag of loot. Part of it was an AK with 18 rounds next to it. I found that a single shot from this thing was a God send. I was still injured and was surprised that vultures did not reappear. I was even more surprised later they still didn’t attack when they did show. Even when I got hurt fighting zombies. The dogs were really bad due to their speed and hard to hit. I find that it's best to see them first and either clip them or avoid them. I headed north to a place called Grave town where I spend the rest of the morning exploring. I didn't go too far into the buildings as it was very dark and impossible to use a tool/weapon and torch at the same time. I saw a supply plane drop supply's around noon northwest of the town so I went there. After grabbing the supplies, I headed due south to my shelter. On the way I discovered Shotgun Messiah place, marked it, and pressed on to my shelter. I made a mistake at loading myself down with random look and was not looking when I got attacked by another dog. Made another mistake trying to run while loaded down and got bit. I killed with but with a lot more ammo than I wanted to. Thankfully the supply drop gave me another better AK with 36 rounds ammo on the side as well as medicine. It started raining and ironically that seemed to clear up the environment. I found lots of snakes throughout the day. Most people look at snakes as an annoyance or even a threat. But I see them as food. In most places it’s hard to get animals as prey runs away but snakes come right up to you. It’s as if this place wants to give you food as a reward for me doing so well. It’s best to use a spear or shovel to kill them due to it’s strike distance. I’m doing really well on food now. One thing that I learned in the missile silo is that one mistake can really screw things up. So I constantly have to be careful.
  3. Lots of new faces, welcome to the forums. 🙂
  4. Yes I am pretty sure it is part is related to the players sphere.
  5. Tell me you got the shadows fixed in A-19. Walking through them is literally like night and day. Also the way that they seem to follow you in the morning and in the evening is a pain.
  6. Thank you Captain Obvious! 😄
  7. I just looked at the stats and tested a cloth bandage. I know it is supposed to help increase max health but I don't see any change in it. While I'm at it I also noticed that there does not seem to be any effects for pain killers. Pain killer should: Heal Dehydrate by 40 points. I haven't seen ether effect.
  8. Yes this can make a bandage. No it does not heal. This type of bandage only stops the bleeding.
  9. Cotton? Na! That only stops bleeding. Besides I haven't seen any cotton were I've been. But I hear you, the game will be harder. Looking forward to the challenge. OORAH!
  10. Seems that you are too depended on vending machines. Lots of other ways to get food. I just started a new play through in current game. I spent the first day in the desert burnt and wasteland biomes. I was looking for and found the Red Mesa which I am spending the night clearing of all the baddies and I just leveled up to 2. I got enough food and have found enough bandages and healing plants to get be good. I know that A-19 is a different build but so far the only limitation I heard is with the vending machines. Are there any other limitations to the game that were added for Alpha 19?
  11. Alpha 18.4 (b4) SP New game, saved file less than a month old. OS: Windows 10 MAP: Navegane Game crashed while in play. Saved file is now corrupted. Around 4am game time I was going to explore when I took a screenshot of the sunrise. The game stalled which was normal for me. I stopped trying to move forward on my bicycle. Then my computer then asked me if I want to wait for the game to respond which was not normal. I choose wait. The game works right a way and I roll down the path. Suddenly the game crashes and I am looking at my desk top. I try to reload and everything seems fine until I try to move. I am stuck in place and can't access game menu. I can still access my backpack but my tool belt is missing. Game time is moving normal. I reboot my computer. Then I verify game files. Then I try to reload. This time only making it to the saved files. Menu frozen and I can't access anything. I can't even back up. The debug menu was open and posted some error codes. So I took a screenshot of that. Latter I tried starting a new game which seemed to work fine. I tried to access my game files which also seemed to work. But I could not access the saved game file. That was corrupted. That game also renamed the five to A0.0. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Please tell me you were recording that.
  13. Hopefully we will get some friendly AI soon. Like at the traders post.
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