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  1. I just played the experimental and this game is really cool. I noticed that there are now several new preset maps along with Navezgane to play with. Besides random gen RG ofc. I still chose Navezgane While I won't go into details about the Navezgane map I will say that I do like it. Roland, I saw that trader we were talking about a few months ago. Glad you didn't tell me about it then. I found that there are plenty of animals to hunt. That one of the best weapons to use is the knife. Because you can carve up an animal, stab a zombie and go right back to carving without stopping. The first house I went into I was very lucky. I broke into the kitchen which was loaded and got out just in time to avoid the sleepers. Also love the new zombies, just wish that you all spent some time adding new zombie sounds. I did notice a new sound for the knife. It will take me awhile to get used to. Anyways great game you guys. Thanks.
  2. Hello. Congratulation Fumpimps on your latest Alpha. I look forward to playing it. I see Roland's new avatar and I can see that he was the little brother getting a noogie! lol.
  3. Release date?!? For this game??? Ok who are you and what have you done with The Fun Pimps? I just popped back in and the first thing I see is an estimated release date for Alpha-19 for June 29 in a bright red box on top of the forum. What's up with that? We don't ever give out release dates, no not ever. Really??? lol 😆
  4. Real Nerds don't forget to turn on there Nerd poles.
  5. Don't you mean Seven hours of stream? lol
  6. Please no more personal pictures.
  7. Yes. Madmole talked about it and uses this. I asked him about it being an exploit but he did not agree. Nerd polling is when a player builds a tower or poll of blocks right under there feet, literally. They jump up, place the block and land on top of it. then repeat this step. It's done to reach higher places and other things.
  8. Wow, this looks great. Thanks for sharing. However what I was looking for was to watch streams without the adds.
  9. I just got though most of the stream 4. It would be really great if you all would find another place to stream the updates. Something that doesn't have adds popping up. One moment your really into watching the vid, suddenly your looking at some dork shaving. It's like somebody just knocked you upside your head. Then when you think it's done, they show another add and your sitting there wondering when is this crap going to end? Love your streams guys but the adds have got to go.
  10. I like the changes to the game. Stream 4 A-19 The new stone shovel looks like a spear. This is a good look as it goes with my idea of shovel-spears. I like how you can now find dirt rather than more snow in the snowy boimes. Removing food poison from most foods and reworking it is much better. I hated the idea of risking tossing it every-time I ate. Starting off in the (stone age) should prove more challenging and fun. Before it seemed like I could find a Blunderbuss soon enough to do any good. By the time I found a Blunderbuss it would be too weak to compete the the already growing arsenal of firearms that I've already found. Nice look to tools and weapons. The club look was harder to tell if it was modded or not but otherwise looked great.
  11. I I got a question about the stream. http://https://t.co/0NMCJ5ZqBy?amp=1 A-19 dev stream 4. At around 25:48 Madmole and Prime talk about food. Prime has his avatar eat stew. the stew shows a hydration gain of 20 but in the stream hydration drops. Is this a bug? Then I see the stats screen and now food is dropping like a sinker. 28:00 water is down to nothing soon to being followed by food. II The other thing that I find strange is when Madmole and Prime talk about skills. They talk about top ranks and Madmole asked "How many points do you need to get that top rank?" And Prime reply's "seven". Here I am thinking to myself that it also says that you need a good rank in Attribute Strength. Each one takes a few points per rank. At
  12. Hey! Long time, no see. What did I miss? I have been hearing about a stream. Anyone have a Link to this?
  13. Yeah I hear it's a real blast! 😁
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