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  1. I really like the knife and it's ability to wound even zombies. But then I tried out a shock platoon which sometimes stuns enemies in a comical way. Shocking! 😨 After getting used to the game again I find that stunning and then following up my attack with a knife is really effective. On the other hand. Pipe shotguns are crap. They are really slow, noisy and sometimes you can't hit the broadside of a barn with them. One night I fired my pipe shotgun at a dire wolf at point blank range twice. It didn't even phase it. So I switched up with my knife, which at least hurt it.
  2. I started a new game ofc. The game is good so far but noticed two things. 1. Can not pick up stones inside of trader's area. 2. Lighting too dark in shade. I will go out on a sunny day and walk into some shade from a tree. I feel like I have to flip on a light to see. 3. No wind sound in the game. I can hear storms but not wind. I see tree's branches blowing but I don't hear the wind. Would be great to hear it. Thats it. Thanks guys.
  3. Ah I see. I was under the impression that it was about too unfair to zombie's. Not making it too easy. I thought is was about player choices. Just like Madmole was talking about. You can break down doors but it would be better if they player followed the path through the POI's. Are you talking about replaying a POI? I can understand not wanting to make it too easy. On the other hand if you were being pursued by a flesh-eating zombie. Would you worry about making a full size doorway or would you try and pop through a smaller hole?
  4. Yes but the whole idea about it being unbalanced was just because zombies could not do the same thing. Now that they can I thought that would finally change. If anything zombies now have an advantage in this respect. I'm not understanding why they should have to go in and change all of the POI's. What would they need to do to them?
  5. May I ask why players won't be able to do this? We used to have it and it makes sense since the player is either breaking in or trying to get away from zombie's.
  6. snip... Ok I bite. Tell me about all three of them.
  7. Zombies can crawl through 1-meter holes? Will players also be able to go through one meter openings like they used to? Football player and cheerleader are gone? Maybe just use them for the school like in the one in Navezgane?
  8. So what will be the next quest. Go up to Joe and he says. "Go to the city, there in the Deadhead hotel on the fifth floor the light are out. Go up and flip the switch ok?"☺️ Suuuuuuuure!
  9. Missions that upgrade the traders post would be good. Work stations, defense tower, radio, loot room even a place to spend the night. Rescue people would be a good quest. Having them work at the traders post would be cool. That way you have more than a trader to interact with. Maybe even some extra trading or missions on the side from these new NPC's.
  10. I just saw the stream of Prime and Madmole talking about the quest Restoring power to the gas station. It's nice to see a change from all the fetch quest but why restore power? What would that do? Open a treasure vault? A workshop? Setting up a colony? I think it's good but not a very good end goal.
  11. 1. One mod that I would like to see for vehicles is adding a horn. I could use that to distract and pull zombie's with it. 2. Has anyone else seen the Mutated super corn? I wish that there was a special mission to retrieve that for a trader and even grow it. Now that would be a good quest.
  12. Really glad that Random Gen and water is being worked on. I would like RG but when I tried it looked like a patchwork of biomes, roads and POI's all smashed together in places. But I haven't tried it in a while so.
  13. I just saw Madmole talk about the outfits and the final bonus's for each outfit. Why not throw in a twist to it. Bonus's and final bonus's for mix and match outfits? The player puts on a combo of clothing and that can produce an unexpected bonus. Like combining a miners helmet with a scavenger outfit may help by getting more loot due to seeing better or something like that.
  14. Thanks. Sounds more like a chain quest. I wonder what TFP's plan to do with that? Would you have a link to this stream from Prime?
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