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  1. It`s been a long last year, lets give them the time they need
  2. That can of chilli is on spot. Fantastic model, wish we could know more about it, like what damage it could do. Another good one Pimps, thanks ! And we want a new one ! Also, soon
  3. Hope the new year goes as you keep it here, as cool as this comment. I mean it, bud ! Off topic, is there gonna be a new stream soon ? *sliding an envelope on the table*
  4. Fixed for you Btw, @faatal, or you Gazz, are you going to improve the point of view transition, of when we change vehicle steering mode between mouse to keyboard and vice versa, with the left mouse button. Sometimes it changes a bit of the angle and is comfortable to continue, but sometimes it is like I am looking from a selfie stick point of view instantly, and a world class of slalom happens. Not a big deal, just wonder about it. Great job so far boys, keep kicking butts.
  5. No doubt it is the better way to present them. Take your time guys, we already have enough good one with A19
  6. Yeah. We`re gonna miss its bang early in the morning, no doubt, but for good. Can`t wait to see the models or sketches of the new pipe weapons, and their stats, and mods if they have some.
  7. You knucklerubbers better be ready for the stream tonight, Nathan and Joel are gonna give us another dose of anxiety, for talk about A20, so bellies up and in. Be there !
  8. But A19.2 Stable is out, good progress so far, enjoy and thank you Pimps ! 🤠 Btw, Pimps, are you having a plan to add Razer devices support ?
  9. Hm, do we have a hidden meth lab POI ingame already ? Kidding aside, having only 2 and on day 24, looted 2 big towns in RWG with lucky goggles for comparison. You are lucky, buddy. This is what makes this game so cool, we never know.
  10. Yeah, but Roland is having a pretty sane point. A discussion thread where we talk with devs directly should be separated from a one, where we can have our fun talks, not cluttering their time, because.. *saying it loud*.. A20 is on its way boys !
  11. They`ve added a new stripper zombie and the forums are dead.. Congrats bro and I hope you have a time for A19, even a bit, because it is a gem. A big one
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