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  1. Only if it spreads among Reddit and Steam, too. But this is between them.
  2. Would be probably done when the outfits are in, if radiation in wasteland is in earlier, it would break the game experience a lot without them.
  3. The spoon attachment is suspicious (click for examples), but hell, the models are great, the smallest details make these weapons look insane! Good, very good job Pimps 🤠
  4. You are missed here, mister. You are the reason for much of the fun in this game we have, keep kicking ass, alright ? *fistbump*
  5. Really like how the red guy in the pedestrian traffic light looks like a zombie itself. Also, the vehicles on the road and the pavements additions are awesome.. It is cool that the school bus is now part of the street vehicles, not only be in front of the schools. New zed is cool, too. He is definitely gonna have fun with all of our new weapons 🤠 Will the street lights have this blinking sort of glitch effect btw ? The creepy one ?
  6. Do not break the table with it again. Sounds like in The Cube movies, THIS is awesome !
  7. Does that means that Navezgane is gonna get bigger btw ?
  8. We have The Duke around 🎈
  9. And they can name it Rage Quit Sense Mode 😜 Madmole described that it as really good game changer, for us that like hardcore. Can't wait to try it.
  10. The Oracle makes the best ones 😛
  11. Sounds awesome, wish they had a chance to misfire or something. Nevermind, I know this has been talked about and answer was no. Hope you have a good game play story to tease us a bit, when the game state allows it in the future.
  12. The zombies will take all the rage, worry not 😛
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