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  1. The one from 7dtd works IRL, just don't put the campfire inside. Gets smokey mate.
  2. After reading these latest post I am starting a new melee build primarily because the more animals, gonna be fun at night 😁 We wanted survival, sounds better.
  3. Cmon, many things are remodeled, the best is yet to come. Wish we had an upgraded version of this video to see how much of a progress this game went through. The video: Thanks @skippy0330 !
  4. That`s for a massage, aim it very near to a head of a zed, it will feel better for life when triggered, I mean when you turn it on.
  5. No, no info yet, but might be for a reason 😄
  6. ikr, we should be scared all the time, from first breath to last piece of the base.
  7. Btw, so far game goes really good, really have no complains or something, just testing things and tactics till stable and it is hell of a fun. Can`t wait for the next update.
  8. Looks pretty good enough for its job. This could be a good solution for longer range, while coping to survive to next era, those more rabbits that they will add, cannot be left just like that out there.
  9. Got few of these things in my seed, I like mine better than the one in A18 for some reason so far. A small spike in the terrain(8x20blocks or near that), which I leveled and a bigger where the road goes up, made a ramp (a big one using wedges and so on). Looks good. Not sure if every road should be connected with another, we have many examples, where roads end up near a mauntain villa irl, or in the dessert. Its good, man. I really miss the bigass cliffs, like in A12 or early tho, that was fun 😆 What happened ?😄
  10. Gonna play after an hour or so and test that, you might check if console does show some sort of errors or warnings , or make a log so it can be investigated. Sry, I know you know that 😛
  11. Is there anything that could collide with it and preventing it showing the *take* button, the guy with machete have its good point
  12. Welcome to the club, I felt like walking out of the cave when found out the new tree stumps have a chance for giving honey (when they replaced it with not lootable, but destroyable object). I walked so many times around these, crawling and infected hoping for a light in life, encumbered as a donkey before Christmas in 12th century. It is cool to know everything of this game, as most of us are here for that, but discovering these little obvious things makes it better every time.
  13. Can you elaborate with more details and reasons or it is just these both words. Devs put huge amount of work and sort of deserve more than two not so polite words. Thanks in advance.
  14. In my first world in A19 the second book I found was workbench schematic. RWG. There is still a chance I suppose, but I remember the times that I found 3-4 one after another in A18 and was frustrating, glad it is fixed.
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