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  1. Sounds awesome, wish they had a chance to misfire or something. Nevermind, I know this has been talked about and answer was no. Hope you have a good game play story to tease us a bit, when the game state allows it in the future.
  2. The zombies will take all the rage, worry not 😛
  3. No player has been proven to go dead, caused by these sort of jank sir, so adapt, and enjoy what is next to come 🤠
  4. I guess that there will be limitation on mods on a single vehicle. Lets say 3 or so, where we could choose a build for our vehicles such as offroad, long roam, team work and so on ?
  5. Or choosing which ones we can get, as part of trying hardest in Wasteland and Snow only for example. Could be fun, we`ll see.
  6. True, even his lab in the background looks decayed. I love the touch with the torch, it is like, .. *you are uncooked here there, let me finish you properly*
  7. Man, few of these set on fire with molotovs would look like a stew bubbling in the pot, love it. Thanks for sharing that, Adam.
  8. These forums will always be the same habitat we use to have fun, though, as I not disagree with you in any way, the guys out there had a tough year a bit more than us and they try to stay focused on their both professional and personal life goals. We trust in them, remember. Let`s give them the time they need 😛
  9. Did the road worker guy stabbed the Stop sign into the ground, just to be faster to get our brains ? Suspicious ? Find out in the new A20 ! P.S. Forget the slogan words, can`t wait to try that . Keep kicking butts, Pimps.
  10. worry not, he`ll get the other one
  11. It`s been a long last year, lets give them the time they need
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