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  1. But A19.2 Stable is out, good progress so far, enjoy and thank you Pimps ! 🤠 Btw, Pimps, are you having a plan to add Razer devices support ?
  2. Hm, do we have a hidden meth lab POI ingame already ? Kidding aside, having only 2 and on day 24, looted 2 big towns in RWG with lucky goggles for comparison. You are lucky, buddy. This is what makes this game so cool, we never know.
  3. Yeah, but Roland is having a pretty sane point. A discussion thread where we talk with devs directly should be separated from a one, where we can have our fun talks, not cluttering their time, because.. *saying it loud*.. A20 is on its way boys !
  4. They`ve added a new stripper zombie and the forums are dead.. Congrats bro and I hope you have a time for A19, even a bit, because it is a gem. A big one
  5. Did you wipe before going into 19.1 stable ?
  6. You`ve been creative my man, not bored. Another best part of the game, we do what we want and how we want it at any time.
  7. Offtopic, A19.1 stable is out, so enjoy and thank you Pimps !
  8. Blue dragonbane of Death comes to next version of Skyrim - confirmed ! A Bill Gates zombie in 7dtd 2. Apart from that, it will be huge improvement for PC players and Xbox ones, which could potentially bring bigger cross-platform support, and guess what fun would be if 7 days to die goes through this *crossing fingers*
  9. That`s how we`ll make a primitive fishing nets when/if water update comes up. Poor needle cat
  10. Find the book and parts, you are gonna have a lot of fun in POIs, while hunting, learn the curviture of the shot as you aim and you are gonna enjoy the results. I was a crossbow fan btw.
  11. Wdym down, this should be it :
  12. We should survive in the way the habitat gives us opportunities and we get advantage of them, in game. Wrapped in bacon.
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