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  1. What were the biggest challenges in your work for A20 so far, the models are pretty neat, we can`t wait to see them alive.. I mean undead ?
  2. Tempted to try building a base with every single one of these shapes without repeating them. But when I get nuts. Brilliant job Pimps, this is gonna be a whole new level of base designs, awesome stream, also
  3. Was literally gonna post about that. Brilliant job, the look of the towns from far distance is something ..I guess all of us already want to see. And we will in next streams. @Kinyajuu, you gave so much for RWG to come to this point. This is probably one of the best systems many of us have seen. And in Our favorite game. Get outta here, man! Thank you! Smile, we are proud of you 🀘
  4. Check your time zone again. 40 more minutes. Maybe last stream have been in winter time, so you thought an hour earlier 😎
  5. Would extra seats affect the speed of the vehicle. More people, more weight, a reason to use mods like supercharger and/or fuel saver for example ?
  6. These are pretty enough, I also remember even a color picker option from the whole color spectrum was sort of talked about, but that is another thing. Thanks for the answer ! And be ready for the stream tonight guys 🎈
  7. Wait, is that a white tint mask added ? How many other colours are planned ?
  8. Expanded seat mod looks good !
  9. Shortly, the release date is random generated as well. Which is the best part. AlwaysπŸ˜›
  10. 3 AM in Europe (roughly). *setting up an alarm*
  11. If there could be melee, assault, sniper or any builds. Different bandits in a camp or area, where some are fast (melee), or a one with a ghillie suit (just example), away from the camp, spawning when his fellas are activated (or he activates them towards us when in range) That if graphics allows it for the guy to be invisible, having in mind the graphics settings we use of course. And wonder what loot will they leave (legendary maybe some day ?), or we will go to the loot boxes directly. There are many possibilities, The Pimps will not let us down.
  12. I love the hatch flopping right after generating the proper POIs for their places. Awesome job, generation looks brilliant.
  13. It is understandable, they do a lot of content creation now that needs a proper balance to be able to have such things. Thanks for the answer, fingers crossed
  14. Will some of the outfits have legendary stats or bonuses ? Not for next alpha, just curious.
  15. Hope there is a way in the balance they will do, to avoid exploiting the better loot and XP if it does. Making a base near a wasteland biome, where a horde base is build in will worn off the cool time we have out there.
  16. Wait, more new skyscrapers ? Thanks for the info, man.
  17. Only if it spreads among Reddit and Steam, too. But this is between them.
  18. Would be probably done when the outfits are in, if radiation in wasteland is in earlier, it would break the game experience a lot without them.
  19. The spoon attachment is suspicious (click for examples), but hell, the models are great, the smallest details make these weapons look insane! Good, very good job Pimps 🀠
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