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  1. Saw this the other day in one of my savegames, I guess a Pimp forgot to close it. They better send one out there to fix this mistake.
  2. Guys, a couple words about Wasteland. Fail better. Gives a lot of cold sweat, the reward is either being almost crippled, infected, lost to death, but with better loot. Or dead. Worth every heartbeat. Don`t be scared, explore and find ways.
  3. Have a Happy New Year everyone. And let`s make it be better and sane. It is Us that will make it so. Anyway. *double click on 7dtd icon*
  4. Wait, it`s Christmas already ? *hitting Esc and Exit Game button* Have good one everyone 🤘
  5. We don`t talk about that, but keep looting
  6. There is an awesome spot south of the lake in Wasteland, in this seed you gave, for a villa, a horde night villa if you got bored.
  7. Did few more seeds and ffs, RWG is gorgeous. Proud of you guys, legends.
  8. Every trader have his own territory where he gets his money coming from. There is this guy called The Duke and he rules out there 🎈
  9. I am not stupid, but going to wasteland not well prepared is. And on a bicycle. Shouldn't be underestimated anymore. Lots of fun and cold sweat. This alpha is the best, indeed. 🤘
  10. From Steam, when usually start the game it gives an option called "Show game launcher", from where you can go to "Clean game data", select all and hit "Clean" button.
  11. Well, about 10 hours ingame. Nomad (Strenght primarily) build on warrior difficulty. Loot abundance and xp lowered by 1 level, each. I was scared, lost, hungry, helpless, infected, dehydrated many times, but died only once. Had these cold chills when this feral wolf met me right after sunrise (day 4 or 5), in a close urban area. I didn`t know could be anything else, but a box of trash. A bit of a fight, some 3rd tier pipe weapons helped after a couple of quests also. This IS а great one, Pimps. The fear of being out there is back in a new better way.
  12. Twitch integration is brilliant. Imagine watching someone playing, with TI on and thinking, oh he is too bored. This is sort of the stuff we love in this game, challenge. Going to fill your empty jars in the nearest lake before the night? Get some hell sipped on you and go back to your temporary vulnerable base with no water and many diseases. Lathan, thanks man !
  13. We will tell stories about it, so you can read, go and be safe now. More important, when we will start demanding a release date for it, now or tomorrow. *hiding*
  14. Worry not. A21 is on it's way, so you will have your chance 🙂
  15. As they proved so far as you explained. For these, who haven`t seen how it started and how it is going, here: Hell yeah !! *shooting at the ceiling with revolver* P.S. Thank you @skippy0330
  16. Being here means you are on the same ship as us
  17. Bit of offtopic, but.. What sort of printing paper do you use, mate ?
  18. We crash with our gyrocopters everywhere and at any time. Why not have a designated POI for that. Sounds fair
  19. Looks more plausible than my 45 degrees moronity 😄
  20. Careful, this is faatal. He might be able to divide 22 by 7 in a week, just seconds after Roland. This could be the infinity symbol rotated 45 degrees right. Or left. Enjoy the silence before the storm you guys.
  21. You both, were lied. He doesn`t wear pants.
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