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[ MOD ] Bigger Back Pack SDX Edition


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Bigger Back Pack SDX Edition



The Bigger Back Pack allows you to easily update the backpack size up to 45. The latest version also allows you to add additional tool belt slots too.


For different sized back packs,


Edit PatchScripts/BiggerBackPack.cs:

Update: private sbyte NewIntenvotrySize = 45;



Edit Config/BiggerBackPack.xml

Update: The rows and cols



For Different sized tool belts,


Edit PatchScripts/Toolbelt.cs

Update: private byte NewToolBeltSize = 8;


If you want a 9 slot, set that value to 8. If you want a 10 slot, set this value to 9, etc.


Available through the 7D2D SDX Tutorial Project: https://github.com/7D2DSDX/Mods

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Hey SphereII, seriously...? I can't give you additional reputation so quickly... lol =O


So, we never need to edit IL again & again to match each people's preference, what we need is just edit NewIntenvotrySize and Run SDX, right?


Yes. If you do change those values, you'll also need to adjust the XUi's to match your new value. Take a look at the XML files under the Configs folder for this mod for examples.

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