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Dirt glitch


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No matter what I do my digging a hole and filling it in with blocks has caused my game to glitch out like crazy and I cannot figures out how to fix it, I lay one block it pops up I lay another it disappears repeatedly. So frustrating for all the work I’ve put into this place I mean really


- - - Updated - - -


Also my hole is 30x30 and 10 deep

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Hi Agreen2170,


Please elaborate on the issue - what blocks are you trying to place in this hole? If it is cement or similar this sounds like a bug we have seen before. Can you confirm if the block only goes invisible? (trying to place something else there is not possible as if the space is filled before the block pops back in)


Are you trying to build from the bottom up or the top down?


When digging out the hole, did you do it block by block, use explosions, or collapse a large amount of dirt?


Please use the guide provided to give me details on your save file https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47268-IMPORTANT-Please-read-BEFORE-posting


Please also include the co-ordinates on the map where this is occurring and if you can also provide a video that would be very helpful in us understanding this bug.


Thank you,


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Merging both threads together, please only create bug report threads in this section of the forums.


Looking back at your post history, only 2 posts are in the console bug report section, which I have now merged here. If you posted the same item multiple times, then mods or a spam filter may have removed them (though normally I can see where the post was deleted)


I am based in the BST/GMT time zone, and I am the only one working on bug reports and troubleshooting with players in this section so it may take some time before you get a response. I do aim to reply to everyone as soon as I can, but I also do so in order of oldest to newest (hence why I answered you before merging the threads) so if there are a lot of posts this can cause a delay.

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