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Consumable water blocks

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Short version: How can I make it so that filling a bucket removes the water block from the world?


Long version: When you fill a bucket from a body of water in RWG, the water block you're drawing from is unaffected in my testing. Is it possible to change this behavior, so that the water block is removed? I don't care about accuracy; I'd just like to make it so that the player can only use each block once and then it's gone.


For that matter, am I correct in thinking that <layer filluptorg="60" blockname="water" /> in biomes.xml is what actually tells the game to fill the world with "water" (826) as opposed to something else? And what does the "count" property, used only for the 5 types of water block, do?

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Items that have a deplete property will reduce the water when you fill them


<property name="Do_block_action" value="deplete1"/>


The 1 is how many it depletes by (1 for cans, 3 for bucket)


The number of Emissions for a water block is what determines how much it can supply before it runs out. This value is stored in meta2 so you can use f3 and (shift) look at the water to see if it does indeed go down as you fill stuff. Default emissions is 3


It looks like the damage value for water is changed based on flow, and when it gets to a certain amount of damage it turns to air, this is used for water flowing down a hill


The count property in water blocks is the emissions for that block

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It seems things aren't so simple in practice. :(


I haven't modified the water block or the empty jar. When I look at 'virgin' water blocks I've never interacted with before, their m2 values are 0 (thanks for the F3 tip!). I can fill any number of empty jars from these blocks, and nothing changes.


However, if I start disturbing the surrounding sand blocks, such that the water spreads to new places, the m2 values start to change, up to 3. If I fill jars from those disturbed water blocks that have positive emission counts, I can get the water block to deplete and disappear.


So is there some way to force water blocks to initialize to what their count is specified to be in xml? If not, it seems to not matter what the xml says: players can fill up from the same block forever unless they start digging in the sand.

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