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Trophies / Achievements thoughts ?


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Hello all.


7DTD has PSN trophies, Steam Achievements, XBL Achievements.


I play 7DTD on PS4.

As I got my PSN platinum trophy (aka "all achievements"), I was happy, as it was a difficult one (aka low rate) to get.

I also wanted to have it as for me it's like saying "I liked this game so much I played it in full".

As I see someone having played a game on 1% on his/her profile, I tell myself "not a great game, he/she did not enjoy it ".


I also know this point of view can be misleading, as difficult games (Bloodborne, Demon's Souls for example) have a very low achievement/trophy completion rate, not due to the pleasure to play them, but due to their high difficulty.

I also saw developers not caring about achievements/trophies "it's bugged ? Bah, no time to spend on it".


So what are your thoughts as players/gamers/casuals on trophies/achievements ?

And if a mod or a dev from TFP read this, I would be glad to hear how the trophies/achievements are considered on the developer side.


Thank you all for your answers !

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