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Two mature 7d2d players are looking for EU server; hard, 200-400% dura, no airdrop


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We are:

Two mature(read: old geezers) men.

We are form and in Finland and speak native Finnish and good English.

We don't do drama! We play games for entertainment, if it is entertaining we got better thing to do.

We have 1000-2000h on this game. I used to run servers (but now I moved and lost my good internet connection).

We do mostly PvE we would like to do PvP but the game is not ready for PvP. Too many exploits and cheats.

We do not harass other players, for mostly only defensive PvP.


What we are looking for is:

24/7 dedicated server

Password or white listed.

Good and active admin, reboot and upgrade within few hours.

Server in Europe with good ping and reliable connection.

Hard server, but absolutely no "always run".

We would prefer high Block Durability; 200-400%

No air drops, no or 50+ days loot re-spawn.

A mature and steady player base would be a plus.

And we would absolutely lover server without traders or destroy-able traders but we can cope with traders too.

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Man you are hardcore!! Im joining a fun server this weekend! The following might change but this is what I think it will be. UK Server, PVP, not password locked but there will be some systems in place to block hackers/cheaters plus backups being saved in case of a hacker. We will be using a very challenging mod called "dying lands" takes things to a whole nother level, check it out! feel free to just check it out, you can stay up to date by joining our discord or the facebook group page (btw you can post/share anything 7 days related on there, no silly rules.


Facebook page







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Sounds like you might enjoy McBovrils server. He has loaded Spiders True Survival Mod. So its hard, but fun. Most of us on it are decent players, mature, and also enjoy some PvP but this game is on a PvE setting.


It is a hard mod - so we tend to band together to stay alive. Some Z's run, some don't. Luck of the draw. Sometimes avoiding Z's is the best option.


See this thread: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?81823-True-Survival-Mod-Unofficial-Server-With-bug-fixes-and-game-play-balancing

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