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[arch linux][kde plasma] window resolution


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Can't understand what you're talking about or referring to...


Just as many posters don't like reading not even the sticky threads that are put up there so as to help people help themselves and give them the answers (mostly) right then and there... Many of us are tried of trying to figure out what people are trying to say - Albeit sometimes I think they think we should have ESP and know how to read minds, or know exactly what they're talking about (even though they don't spell it out enough for even themselves to understand) and even know everything about their problem and their PC and game as well as everything else... And give them a proper and quick resolution to their issue(s). Look at whats posted and see if - without any knowledge about what's going on can you figure it out?!?


Did you read the sticky in this forum? No?!?



Well... If you're referring to "arch linux" then arch linux IS: "...a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple." Now then - just guessing here but I have a feeling that this 'flexible Linux® distrubution' is at least part of any problem your having; Albeit you haven't really listed the problem because you said: "This bug doesn't work in Ubuntu Unity DE." From that sentance alone it seems like there is a bug you're wanting to work with arch linux... Counter-intutive... But... To each their own... Well, the title of your thread is: " [arch linux][kde plasma] window resolution" so that may give a clue...


This game works with:

Linux/Steam OS Minimum

OS: Ubuntu 12.04

And works with Ubuntu 14.04; albeit some of the players that use it do have some issues; but it does run and they get definite help!


So - just a guess here but:


"arch linux" ≠ Ubuntu 12.04


"arch linux" ≠ Ubuntu 14.04


Then you say: "When game launched, it opens 10 x 600 px not resizable window."


I take it that a very small window comes up... But doesn't do anything else... I would guess that it is with you're "arch linux" which is at the heart of the issues.


If you've read the sticky then you should know to give much, much more information than you have...


What do you think of my presumptions about you're minimalist worded issue as opposed to this book I've just written?!?


FYI: When starting the game on Win 10 PC and alt tabbing to other windows to do such as it's loading - when I alt tab back to 7 Days to Die I do at times see a small 'window' in the upper left that barely shows '7 Days to Die' or something to that effect before it continues to come up full screen...

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Game should be able to run on Arch Linux. Sadly the OP completely failed at doing anything to necessitate a bug report.


I'll move this over to the support section, and if the OP really wants help, they can start by actually reading the stickied threads that literally shout at you to read them before you post.

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