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Hello everyones take 2 min and readme


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Hi everyone I am the majority of you speak English but I beg you to mexcuse but I will express in French Canadian


hello I mapelle Junior Bond I am the owner of the server BattleGround (PVP & RAID) my server was ultra popular when I say popular is to say every day 24 on 24 the server was 50 of 50 never place for new players but all this is to pass after a ban I banned players voicie their name [deleted] and yes it's all player was from the same base / teams he was banned for misconduct and a lot of complaints were filed against them because it did not respect the 1/4 of the rule when the admin was offline and of course it is all players was a donor and supporter following their banishment he made a bad petition on the forum and between them against me it is all ask for a refund to paypal this plries over 2 weeks and paypal to refuse their dispute for fault of theirs because he made donations and of course not a donation had to be recovered then i had the 18 litigation in my favor this has my paypal account in month 800 USD but all ended up settling i even was called by paypal because he tilted that it was a case of fraud and he had investigated Pimp was warned that I had to pay for my server pay to win I had a threat of pimp and their lawyer that he was to sue me after all his I offered them to do business with my lawyer and finally we ended up having an agreement between me and the owner of 7days to die the fun pimps and all that is well settle that my even give extreme stress I did not want to make me acuse and devie thousand dollar for things that I born never done because my server is not a server pay to win (in fact it's due to [deleted] that I banished the day before) following a complaint poster by [deleted] that those if fesais advertising for another server while he was doing stremi ng for me and of course on my server so i lightly prays them and due to all the other rules that were broken by them i decided to ban them 24 for misbehavior following all this ♥♥♥♥ he my decent so low they got it to empty a full server and make me such a reputation of mard that could have been a cat plays on my servers I am really disappointed and sad of this endless story I wanted to let you know that to play his little be very bad and dirty you on a bad time if you do not want it or when it melts a donation it pence that it has more rule for them and that it is in the desue of everything or that it is the favorie of admin (my motto is that you are donor or not the rule is the same for everyone) now that my server is empty topt and that I was able to rebate a good server modder for 7d2d I have a server 50 slots empty now I do not know what to do now because my server is already pay for one year I am discouraged now thank you for your attention




Mod Note: Naming and shaming is against the rules. Receiving donations for servers is allowed in the EULA so I am not sure why you would fear any sort of law suit by TFP. To my knowledge they have not sued a single person for taking donations for their server costs.

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