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Fatal error: Too many heap sections


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Hello, I am also having the same issue "Fatal error in gc: Too many heap sections". These are my computer specs:


Win 8.1 64bit

Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 840M

Processor: Intel Core I7 CPU @ 2.50GHz

RAM: 8 Gb


I believe the reason could be because of the 8 Gb RAM, but I have no idea how to get around that. When I first installed the game I was having a crashing issue. It was seemingly out of nowhere, but I realized it was when I log in and move around for a few seconds that crashes it. I looked around on the forums and found some people having a similar problem and the "fix" was to try the game in the 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit version. It seemed to work for a while, but now I am constantly recieving this new error above when I try to play. I really really hope there is a different way around this than just adding more RAM to my computer or getting a new one...


If anyone knows anything about this or has any advice I would be ever so grateful to hear from you. I really love this game and I would like to play it again soon.

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