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Every biome remastered for Unity 2017

Game Engine update to Unity 2017


Totally missed that in the notes about A17, but Unity3D upgrade confirmed, YAY!!! :D


Come oooon awesome Vulkan performance increase!


From the mouth's of a dev on this subject (totally paraphrasing btw):


"It's not going to improve performance as much as it is making our quality of life better."


I don't recall where I read that.


We shall see, because apparently the Unity3D Vulkan core has shown 20-60% improvement in some cases, but if that is true here and for the version that they implement (which will hopefully be the latest one with the most improvements) then here's hoping! :D


I will have to do before/after tests as well as tests when forcing certain cores and core versions to be used with flags such as


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