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Looting Zombies 2x

The Loooser

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You can loot Zombies twice.


You have to be smart or lucky while doing the following:


Having a Weapon by hand and looking at the dead Zombie (not Zombie Remains) and pressing E at a special time while swinging your Weapon to destroy the Zombie --> Zombie Remains.


If you are lucky then you are in the Zombie Inventory and the Zombie --> Zombie Remains.


If you are not lucky then you don't get into the inventory as if you wouldn't have pressed E or you are in the Zombie Inventory, but the Zombie has vanished (you can still loot it, but afterwards he's away).


So if you get lucky you can pick up the stuff.


Then you can leave the Inventory and there is the destroyed Zombie Block. It will already be marked as if you entered the inventory (does not have the *UNTOUCHED* name). But when you enter it, the Items will be there a second time.



In some other cases (another exact time when pressed E) you will even pickup the Zombie Remains block - you can see it in the picture below and I also opened another thread for this some days ago.






Take a look at this funny glitch.


I left the game and entered again, declined in my queue to scrap 2 coth armor stuff items and now they don't have a Quality anymore, just the quantity (so possibly they are stackable now):



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Or alternatively:








and grab all that loot, for free!


Nah just kidding. I like the bit about picking up zombie remains, as those have no practical use, BUT I would love to decorate my SP/MP with remains without resorting to creative to get them. At least I can tell myself I didn't really cheat, I just exploited a bug! Much better ;)


/V - BUILD a Floating Drawbridge Base

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