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Go in blocks.xml to search & change all value by divide by 2:


PlantGrowing.GrowthRate (plant & tree)

UpgradeRated.Rate (mushroom & pourredconcrete)


But don't set it less than 16 cause example value at 1 it's a cheat value (less 1mn to upgrade & so no fun at all & so 1=fast 63=slow & value 16 don't mean 16mn also value 32 don't mean 32mn, maybe I wrong but value 63 mean 4 days in game).


The timer of the game is good & bad for manything but it's the gameplay, so just ask you what you want the most, enought time day to loot & build your base or speed up the timer to have speed plant grow & airdrop ect... & mostly about the feral horde cause (with a day time 18h):


- 120mn mean 30mn for the feral horde night, this is very borring except if you play with a mod who add many zombies during all the night

- 60mn mean 15mn for the feral horde night, it's a correct time

- 40mn mean 10mn for the feral horde night, it's a good time

- less than 30mn it's just for fun & challenger cause we have 1 horde in day & night & so mostly in single game alone it's very hard


If not without mod, if you stay at your base during +5 days & plants don't want to grow, you need to go very far away from your base at +500m, quit the game completely to refresh the memory (don't do just a login off cause the game have some old data in memory), & then return back at your base to see... In multi, you need to do the same, but sometime that doesn't work cause it's a problem of server side & not ours side...


About mushroom, it's normal if it's really slow to grow cause TFP's developper do something wrong, before mushroom grow very well, now it's really WTF! Mushroom (UpgradeRated.Rate = 63) need +/-20 more times of time than pourredconcrete's time to upgrade (concrete & rconcrete UpgradeRated.Rate= 4 & 5).

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