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Game Reclaim (Please don't move) tl:dr


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So I've been wallowing in despair over my MD5 crash, BUT I still had my minibike, horde tower and part of my underground tunnel system still intact with my chainsaw, auger and some other tools on me (thankfully)! No forge, bedroll, cement mixer, or workbench and ALL my other supplies disappeared along with my rooftop farm. But this is survival, am I right?! So instead of starting over I've resolved to keep going.


With 4-5 day until horde night I started looting like mad (got some decent finds, but nothing stellar) and at night redug my underground bunker. Had a screamer horde come that was my hardest to date, 2 cops, 1 feral wight, a zombie bear and a bunch of reg Z's. The bear and cops were a first for me, but if this is an indicator for the blood moon horde, I'm going to be in for a long night! Defenses seem decent and ammo (~150 rounds of 9mm, a bad pistol, a little less bad SMG and ~350 iron crossbow bolts) is okay, but I think I can get by.


Anyway, just wanted to share. I know it blows to lose all that hard work and time put in, but bad stuff happens when the world ends right?! Hopefully I can get back to where I was and beyond! And I hope that if anyone gets a MD5 crash they don't lose everything and can keep going.


Also, I did have a crash that seemed like it might have erased my work again but upon being dash-boarded I deleted the local save and came back just behind where the crash happened. So that work-around SEEMS to work so far.


Share your game reclaims here if you feel inclined; I'm sure there are some real warriors out there that have lost more with high levels and are still thriving!


Thanks for reading!

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My first md5 error sucked. Looked online to see how I can get my game back. Found out I could upload to Internet. My second sucked as well but had a back up. Lost two days. But when I got to that same day I went to my base and had another. Deleted game. Stopped building a at poi's and haven't had one since.


Was playing a new map was on day 26 @ 120 minute days. Had 4 blocks that disappeared and want able to replace them. The invisible blocks. Deleted that game. On a new one now day 20,120 minute days. 989 kills,. And not really killing yet. Just got my pits done do that count will go up quick.


To be honest though, the first few weeks in a new game are the best. After you loot everything and have a base the game sucks. I rebuild destroyed cites to keep playing. They really need to add something to this game to make the " middle and end" game like the beginning

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Deleting my local save failed me twice. Once I got a day 1 reset. Every inch of the map reset including loot. 100 hours later in the same world I glitched and tried again and lost one 'chunk'. Out of the 50,000+ blocks I terraformed from bedrock to ground, in survival, with no augur, about 25,000 blocks reset to normal ground. These were resets 3 and 4 that I've experienced. I still play but that world is too depressing now. I've never seen any world in survival that has been altered as extensively as mine. But that's life.

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That's cool how you guys are taking the md5 resets. A "glass half full" type approach.

That has to be super frustrating & just down right pisses you off when that happens.


Worst md5 I experienced was the "tree md5" where anything built around a certain type of tree would reset.


Most I lost though was a few chests, campfire, & some blocks I placed as flooring.


Good for you all who keep trucking along & don't let that destroy your experience with this game!

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It's a range of emotions.


The very first time was the hardest. The night before a horde, and it got literally all my supplies. It was probably my most complete build, with a huge indoor/underground park and garden. All but one forge, and all my loot as it hit my storage room.


I quit that world, and haven't been back. The time it took for me to engineer the glass roof, just to see it all compromised by a bug kind of took the wind out of my sails.


Then I learned to deal with it. It is the end of the world, and crazy stuff can and will happen. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Now I don't build in a single column. Keeping a bit of space between things in case it happens again.


I create caches, much like you would do in real life.


Any items that I have multiples of I try and separate out between caches, and I also keep an emergency stash of building supplies to repair any structural resets.


I just haven't had it in me to build as much as I did that time. Keeping it minimal now. I don't need a 100/200 indoor park. I can get by with a small fertilized plot.


No more decorative bar, complete with a minibike in a shadowbox. No multiple apartments for me and my online survivors, a bedroll in the corner works just fine.


Maybe I need to smoke a little inspiration, and get back to the building. Maybe not. Only time will tell. I was really hoping to come back to this game after a good long hiatus, and not have to worry about this anymore, but here I am. A glutton for punishment. Like some high power C.E.O heading to a dominatrix to put me in my place.

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