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  1. https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/380dd6f0-0bf8-4e77-8e57-489ca1356062 Looked like the start of a MD5 bug if I stuck around any longer. The output boxes in the forge were missing and flickering. So backed out fast. Also been doing that trick by hitting start on 7dtd icon to bring up manage game and apps. Then hit A button on saved data tab of gamer tag. Then only delete console data only. Seems to work. Other then you lose maybe a couple minutes of game time played. But better then a base wipe. So far this happened a couple times. But all is good. Also get the occasional black screen
  2. My neighbors are a bit frisky! https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/071fdcf1-c64b-4336-b20c-b719714e6125
  3. I had a different idea that didn't work. I have 3 hard drives. I made a entire game file copy to another hard drive. But both still have the same saves checking both even though one I played longer on. So my guess would be the cloud makes both the same saves for time. My only guess would be to save a extra copy to another hard drive. Then unplug that one while playing on another hard drive. That's one trick I didn't try yet. But maybe have to play offline though. Cause most likely the cloud would probably update a MD5 bug error from one hard drive to the other.
  4. If its not the fault of XBOX1 RAM or size of saves. Then maybe its a bad line of code from Iron Galaxy? Since two different systems of XBOX1 and PS4 and different operating systems. My guess some bad line of code slipped through for XBOX1 and once it hits its limit or bad line of code game crashes and deletes where ever you're standing at your base. So far doing the going to games and apps and delete only the console save and not the cloud. My game hasn't been wiped yet. No deletions. But I had a black screen that crashed. Had to reload the game. Also getting this weird deal leavin
  5. You make it sound like the Fun Pimps are broke with their 10 million PC copies sales. Going by $25 to $40 each. They should have plenty of money to toss around for a small team to split the money up.
  6. Well Microsoft bought Undead Labs midpoint of State of decay 2. Also Microsoft promotes backward compatibility. People still buying old digital copies of 360 games for XBOX1. Yeah half million to one million is a lot of money a tiny indie company. But still heck at $30 for digital 7dtd going price now for XBOX1. Sell a half a million is what $15M? Scratch off the Microsoft/Sony cuts off the top. TFP still got a Brinks truck to back up to the bank. TFP need to think their long game. Not get blood in the water this gen and maybe fans gets salty and give the next port a bad name even
  7. Isn't Iron Galaxy still collecting money from any sales of digital 7dtd on XBOX1/PS4 yet? They should be still in the loop. TFP should still be passing on any pc data to Iron Galaxy for ports patches/updates. TTG was just the publisher. Not sure they are needed are they? Game is out in the digital console store collecting money. I thought somebody here said PS4 had 7d2d on sale a month or so back. I'm sure people are buying it yet. I think it is a shame that TFP actually bought the rights back. TFP only bought it back to maybe consider porting it to XBOX2/PS5 after PC version goes
  8. Like I suggested on twitter. TFP should try and get Iron Galaxy back to continue doing the console porting updates for this gen. TTG was the publisher but the game is published on console. So no need for them now. Not sure if TTG's get any royalties yet even though went bankrupt. Still shows all 3 companies at the opening credits. Doubt Iron Galaxy works for free. But people here kept saying they were close to dropping a update before TTG stopped all projects. All I want is the MD5 bug fixed for XBOX1. Anything else extra is a bonus. You factor in 7dtd is still in the store yet f
  9. I'd buy DLC if they fixed the MD5 bug for XBOX1.
  10. I'm on XBOX1 and started a new game after not playing for quite sometime. The map I didn't completely explore yet. Only on day 24 and no mini bike book yet but got all the parts waiting. But the map has lots of rivers. Also finally found a big town two days ago playing. Also the town is so big its cut into two biomes of winter and green area. Also every building and shop is there I believe. I even built a bridge with wood frames going across a large river. Also plenty of them two wall brick houses that have a stove and sink and toilet. Most of them sinks have wrenches. https://xb
  11. Consider your self lucky. Us XBOX1 users have the MD5 bug that wipes out our bases and tons of hours down the drain. I just started playing again. But its like I hate to build to much or gather to much. Eventually game will run out of memory or whatever happens. I still got a old server save of like 300 days and 3 MD5 bug wipes on it. I still kept it. That map I got tunnels from each corner of the map and criss crossing back and forth going to major buildings as outposts. Besides built plenty of bases and trenches and spikes and mine fields and what not.
  12. Well I just check the copy all file of 7d2d yesterday. It still has the same time stamp as the current file I use to play. So that trick is out.
  13. Still the TTG's should of had both options of auto save and manual saves. Besides neither overwriting unless we wanted them to. So that would of gave us a copy right away. Maybe not a exact copy. But seconds apart when you click manual save. Still just then go by the time stamp. Then keep a eye on it when MD5 occurs. Then erase that save all together then. Dawn of man on XBOX1 has auto save and manual save which is nice.
  14. So deleting the local XBOX save works? Then booting up the game loads off of LIVE servers then. Might try that. Another fix but would need a patch is Galaxy/TFP patch in a option to copy a save. Since the option so far is load or delete the saves. Or add in manual save besides the auto save. Need a better way to have a copy of a file. Other wise copying all 6.5GB of 7d2d to another hard drive would get old doing that daily. Not sure how fast I can transfer a game to another hard drive. Should be kinda quick since its in the system. Its not a download. How does the game get a corrupt
  15. Zombie spawns? Yeah I use to get those on my old game save. Didn't matter though. All my bases I build off the ground. Play the role of Robinhood. As for my idea to make a copy of the game saves. Guess only way to do that is make a entire copy of the whole game and copy all, then move it to another hard drive. Not sure how it will work though with two 7d2d games on two drives goes. Does the XBOX1 then ask which one you want? Or I pick exactly which thumb nail one I want? Some one else had a idea of a work around about the MD5 bug. They said go into manage game file then delete the X
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