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  1. Could try looking for 7 days to die in the game store. Then should say you already own it. Then install it. If it doesn't then did you have different gamer tag?
  2. Just go to games and apps. Then hit start button over 7 days to die thumb nail icon. Then scroll down to saved data. Should be two files. Then from there Hit (A button) over the tiny file which is your gamertag. Then another screen pops up saying delete from console or delete from everywhere or cancel. Just Hit A button over delete from console only. Then start the game up. Then it will load from cloud saying game is syncing.
  3. Raising chickens for eggs would be cool.
  4. I don't have the PC game so not sure if this idea is in the game or not but i'll keep it short and sweet. How about deer,pigs,Rabbits,Chickens raid your gardens? But makes it easy to hunt them as well cause their attracted to the garden. Instead of chasing deer like a lunatic into a lake for easy killing like this. https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/6cc693d4-0203-4f1a-a2c2-55bd6535b022
  5. Me hunting. https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/6cc693d4-0203-4f1a-a2c2-55bd6535b022 Poor Bambi.
  6. https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/380dd6f0-0bf8-4e77-8e57-489ca1356062 Looked like the start of a MD5 bug if I stuck around any longer. The output boxes in the forge were missing and flickering. So backed out fast. Also been doing that trick by hitting start on 7dtd icon to bring up manage game and apps. Then hit A button on saved data tab of gamer tag. Then only delete console data only. Seems to work. Other then you lose maybe a couple minutes of game time played. But better then a base wipe. So far this happened a couple times. But all is good. Also get the occasional black screen
  7. My neighbors are a bit frisky! https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/071fdcf1-c64b-4336-b20c-b719714e6125
  8. I just starting watch Neebs gaming playing 7 days to die last week. I watch like 3 or so episodes each morning with coffee. I remember Neebs being the Noob guy on Battlefield Friends way back in the day.
  9. I had a different idea that didn't work. I have 3 hard drives. I made a entire game file copy to another hard drive. But both still have the same saves checking both even though one I played longer on. So my guess would be the cloud makes both the same saves for time. My only guess would be to save a extra copy to another hard drive. Then unplug that one while playing on another hard drive. That's one trick I didn't try yet. But maybe have to play offline though. Cause most likely the cloud would probably update a MD5 bug error from one hard drive to the other.
  10. If its not the fault of XBOX1 RAM or size of saves. Then maybe its a bad line of code from Iron Galaxy? Since two different systems of XBOX1 and PS4 and different operating systems. My guess some bad line of code slipped through for XBOX1 and once it hits its limit or bad line of code game crashes and deletes where ever you're standing at your base. So far doing the going to games and apps and delete only the console save and not the cloud. My game hasn't been wiped yet. No deletions. But I had a black screen that crashed. Had to reload the game. Also getting this weird deal leavin
  11. You make it sound like the Fun Pimps are broke with their 10 million PC copies sales. Going by $25 to $40 each. They should have plenty of money to toss around for a small team to split the money up.
  12. Runners all the time could be fun. But be a chore. Since after all you cant pause the game. So i'm always parking my character on a roof and what not if I have to use the bathroom or get another beer. Not if your in the tunnels digging all day then its to easy missing horde night.
  13. Actually I see its only day 240. But felt like over 300 days with three MD5 bugs on this server. Also the days feel long digging through most of them days. https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/3da3940d-b243-474d-9a0d-dd17f6fc0cf1 https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/3613cb9c-5887-45ae-8d55-7a1a940360c6 https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/91b4974d-44c0-4a65-ba6a-ca828add24eb https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/c2f8407e-bf2f-4b10-ba7a-5e56f91d4b1d Also best to have concrete blocks on each side of the ladder if its a very tall ladder. Just incase you slip off you can land to the side on the concrete
  14. I made tons of tunnels on the official navezgane map. That's my old server of over 300+ days and 3 MD5 bugs. I went corner to corner of all four corners. Besides going to all major towns and what not. With a ladder going up and a hatch and concrete walls around. Besides I used signs in the tunnels telling which way and what it is besides tons of torches light up the tunnels. Even dug enough to start driving mini bikes through. I never believed in the auger though. I just used the pick and shovels. Once you keep going through them with high ranks its like a swing or two per block.
  15. My game crashed twice for the first time on new server. Not sure what day it is now like 30+. First said I wasn't online. But looked at dashboard and showed friendslists so I was online. Then next time I was smashing zombies faces in the trench around my house with stone axe. Then got black screen then dashboarded. Then load up the game, then killed in the trench. Nothing was wiped though. But was left in a lurch being killed cause game dashboarded. Then they had the door busted down and were chasing me as I spawned in my bed. Then ran to the neighbors cabin. Was a crazy day. htt
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