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Let's talk "Clean Game Data" in the launcher. What does that do, exactly?


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Well, the way they are listed is fairly self-explanatory.




  • Game Settings (registry)
    Wipes the games settings in Windows Registry.
  • Game Data
    Wipes all savegame data from the save folder. (Read sticky FAQ for specific folder location.)
    • Savegames
      Wipes your local saves.
    • Discovered map of remote games
      Wipes your learned map area from servers/MP games you connect to. (Handy for when they do a map wipe.)
    • Player profiles
      Only deletes the locally store player profile data.
    • Serveradmin configuration
      This would be the data for your local serveradmin rights.


When running a repair, you choose everything for a completely clean slate. Backup any data you may wish to restore again later.

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Please note that with Mods that change the AssemblyCSSharp.dll file:


My wife experienced issues when trying to un-check everything and then clicking on cancel: The system may hang at a 'blank'/'black' game loading screen - when terminating the process it'll give a 'file' error and in noted case it was AssemblyCSSharp.dll. So apparently this part of the launcher checks the game files - because how else would it know that there was a change to the AssemblyCSSharp.dll file?


She and I let the system sit there in this state for +5 minutes, wondering if it was checking other files or downloading ones it found 'bad'/'changed' but nothing.


So to me - the error handling is buggy, or hasn't been fully implemented yet since the system just 'hangs.' And again it is the game since upon closer inspection of seeing the mouse pointer and 7daystodie.exe when terminating the process.



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