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What does item quality do for miscellaneous items in the game?


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So for tools and weapons, I understand that it increases how long they last and how much damage they do. But what about for the other oddball items?


Example being:

Mining Helmet




As far as I'm aware, the Mining Helmet and Flashlight have unlimited battery, and there is no real difference in the brightness. Turning on a 7 durability flashlight produces the same amount of light as a 400 durability flashlight. Same with the mining helmets.


For clothing, I've noticed that the stats are identical on different durability items of clothing. Look at a 20 durability plant fiber shirt and compare it to a 100 durability plant fiber shirt. Zero difference in stats.


Also, I noticed that durability NEVER goes down on these items. I can have zombies bash on me all day, and my clothing stays at the same number. I can punch stuff with a flashlight all day, and it never loses durability (nor does higher quality results in higher damage). I just don't get it, whats the point of item quality and durability on these oddball items?


I've even tested it with landmines. If I step on landmines, none of my clothing gets damaged. I keep getting repair kits and military fiber, but I've never had my military vest degrade.

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anything worn it determines the protection value (if it provides any, range is set in xml as min,max) (helmet, cloth armor etc)


The flashlight quality is meaningless, you may get 1-2 points diff on a completed weapon but i dont think it changes anything stat wise enough to matter

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