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[In developing] Nuclear Dawn


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Hi friends. At the moment, the mod is in development. Mod is developed by Russian modmakers. Mod has its own direction and history. The basic idea of mod is built on radiation.




Supporting version: Alpha 16

Status: in development

Modemakers: Swidler, Santei, Babilon

Basic version: The usual version.



Authors whose developments were used. Some of the author's developments are used in the developed mod.

At the same time, everything is adjusted to the mod and reworked.

Valhalla - Intensive survival mod

Lord Valmar - Valmod

Haidrgna - Gnamod

Thank them for the wonderful mod and ideas!


Direction: Realism







Skills and perks;


Happy background;

Medicine and other;

Mechanisms and workbenches;

New zombies;


New effects, living creatures and diseases;





Much more...




Would you like to take a look at the world of '7 Days To Die' on the other side? The old world, which existed once, there is no more. The action takes place after the events of 2034, when nuclear attacks devastated the earth and the remaining population was infected with an unknown virus. In 2036, a progressive virus, sharply began to mutate and create along with it. The infection began its direct spread and soon out of 100 percent of the survivors, only 20 percent remained. Infected mutated into something new, which is not served description. New types of zombies and huge creatures that are able to spread infection and radiation anywhere. The world that we knew completely changed. In 2035, in Arizona, an explosion occurred in one of the last nuclear reactors. A huge wave, formed as a result of the accident, began its spread and soon reached the district Navezgane. Carrying destruction and increased radiation - completely changed the district. This is now no longer a garden of Eden. A place enveloped in radiation and a mutated virus with its new creatures. You, one in 20 percent of the survivors. Your task is to survive at any cost in this new world. You are ready?

The rest of the information will be in new posts.


Content will be filled.

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New biomes:

Infectious - the place where it all began. Center for the spread of infection. An eerie place stuffed with new mutants and nests. Average radioactive radiation. If you are a weakling, do not even think of sticking to it. Pole you die. Although the meaning of getting a valuable loot and new quests is. New buildings and vegetation.


The burnt city is located in the burnt biome. It is enveloped by low radioactive radiation. (See the description of the burnt forest)


The burnt forest is a hot place enveloped in low radiation and infection. In some places, there will be infected mutants and their nests. In this biome, you can find a valuable loot or get interesting quests. New buildings and vegetation.


Changed biomes (vanilla)

Green, semi-desert, desert.


Modified biomes:


Forest - the place of witches and dangerous mutants with zombies. New vegetation, new objects, buildings.


City zero - in places low radioactive radiation. New buildings and vegetation. Will spawn new zombies, mutants.

In a small number will be present spawners of infection.


Snow biome: will be added female characters zombie woodcutters and others. Changed spawn of zombies. The vegetation is changed. In some places it will fall.


Skills and perks:




Happy background:


Some cars, jerks, buildings, ponds - will fade





Medicine and stuff:

Anti rad, chemical stimps, anti infectious drugs, syringes,

pills for cough, pills for fatigue, antibiotics, chemical stimulants, creams and others.


New zombies and creatures:

Zombies: witch, red scream, zhirovik, radioactive predator, rever, halving, worker, dog, snake, clown, glad.



To go, Pig, old Sam, stalker, eagle, remodeled deer;


- - - Updated - - -



Iron, lead, tin, gold, uranium, copper, aluminum, plutonium, silver, diamond and others.


Extraction / processing - ore + dust + ingot:


Iron ore - iron dust - iron ingot.

Lead ore - lead dust - lead ingot.

Bronze ore - bronze dust - a bronze ingot.

Tin ore - tin dust - a tin bar.

Copper ore - copper dust - a copper ingot.

Coal - coal powder

Aluminum - aluminum powder - aluminum plate

Silver ore - silver powder - silver sliver.

Uranium ore - uranium ingot



Crafting system:

Complication is 60 percent. Just so you will not make a stone ax. Have to sweat. You can not just take the Forge stove.

The skill point bonus will be removed to the Tools Smithing skill.


New effects, living creatures and diseases:


Water and some food will be radioactive.

Worms? Yes, you heard correctly! Do not eat raw meat and my hands after zombies and animals.

Asthma, tonsillitis, stomach ulcer.


- - - Updated - - -








MP28 Trencher;


Pistol M712;

700 Nitro Express Double Rifle;

Assault Rifle AK-47...


Thrown weapons:

GL-A87 Grenade Launcher

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Hi guys. Delays from - I computer updated.

The name has been changed and many ideas have been revised. Z MOD Old versions of the mod take 70 percent of the material. 30 percent threw it out. The most important news! The Gnamod Necropolis was adapted to version A16.


In general, the development is thawed ...

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