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Block Durability Revamp

Hurt Me Plenty

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Change mechanics for durability loss on items and blocks.


Firstly, why this is an issue. Bare flesh (zombie or living) should not be able to break through very hard surfaces like bank vault doors or stone castle walls. Flesh would simply bounce off. One can justify that a zombie horde can tear off a sheet metal barricade on a window or burst through a wooden door, but tearing open prison cell bars with ease is laughable. Using a steel shovel in sand shouldn't harm the item, but using it to shovel rock, thick clay, or solid rock would be enough to damage the tool.

But how? How can you determine if your wall is strong enough to repel normal zombies, or if your stone axe can safely cut grass without breaking but gets broken while cutting down trees?


Apply a hardness rating for all materials. If an attack or item strength meets/exceeds an objects hardness rating, it will be sufficient to damage it and cause durability loss. Weaker attacks that fail to match an items hardness cannot damage it and does not cause durability loss.


Attack Score > Item Hardness = Damage to Durability of item

Attack Score < Item hardness = No Damage to Durability of item


Example Chart Below


0- Water, Sand, Japanese Paper Room Dividers

1- Plywood sheets, Wood Frames, Wooden Doors, Sheet Metal Barricades

2- Metal office door, Brick, Metal Trap Door

3- Steel Girder, Bank Vault, Stone Castle

Attack Strength

0- Squirrel

1- Basic Zombie Unarmed attack

2- Thug Zombie, Strong melee types

3- Cop zombie puke, giant zombie

~~~Using an example, a basic zombie unarmed attack (Attack Strength 1) could break down a wooden barricade (Hardness 1), but never break through a bank vault door (Hardness 3).


While the threat of regular zombies alone would make survivors careless in a fortified bunker, a continued zombie presence could attract more aggressive and unique mutants which have the ability to breach stronger defences, opening the path for that neglected horde of regular zombies to swarm inside...

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I think for now durability of blocks and tools are quite good. And there is bulldozer zombies coming into game which can ram your wall and do considerable damage to them.


But hiding inside fortification which cannot be taken down by zombies doesn't really go along with the games theme. Idea of having base which is not 100% zombie proof add excitement to the game.


I am now playing with 25% block durability, and its actually makes the defending base fun part. 1 exploding cop can destroy multiple concrete (4x4 area destroyed) blocks and create huge opening for zombies in defenses. Only little downside is that also harvesting materials really fast because block durability affect every block in world.

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