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Animal spawn rate and amount change


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If you use gameservers or something along those lines you should have XML files you can edit. With game servers I just go into my server's config from the web browser where the xml text files are and edit the very bottom of the text where it says


<property name="MaxSpawnedAnimals" value="50"/>


Note that you can break your server with too many animals

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You will need to go into the xml files to do this. In your server files you will need to navigate to your spawning.xml file it should be found here-

7 Days To Die\Data\Config\spawning.xml

Open that(Notepad++ is a good editing program that's free) in that xml file a little ways from the top you will see the biome spawning rules. They look like this-

      <biome name="forest">
	<spawn maxcount="2" respawndelay="3" time="Any" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" />
	<spawn maxcount="2" respawndelay="3" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" />
	[color="#FF0000"]<spawn [color="#0000FF"]maxcount="1"[/color] [color="#FFFF00"]respawndelay="30"[/color] time="Any" entitygroup="AnimalsAll" spawnDeadChance="0" />[/color]

The Red line is what you want to look for. That controls the animal spawning. The Blue part "maxcount" is how many animals can spawn in one section. I would not change that. The yellow part "respawndelay" is how long in game days after you kill the animal will another spawn. That is probably what you want to change by making it a lower number so when you kill an animal another will spawn sooner. You will need to go change that for every biome you want to increase the animal spawns in. This one above will just effect the "Forrest" biome






Note* this code is copied from my Mod so some of the variables my not be the same as yours but the layout is the same.

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Necrobumping since no new thread needed:


I want to mod A18 to spawn more animals - I already changed entitygroups.xml to allow for more visible animals to be spawned, but the spawning.xml seems to have changed and no longer contains any information about how often animals should respawn - so all guide I found online on how to change animal spawning don't work anymore.


How can I change the respawndelay now?


Thank you

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