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Adding new forge materials?


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Are you able to add a new forge material to the forge?


I want to add copper for my project, and I have added copper to the windows.xml for the forge, in the forge, etc. I just can't figure out what I need to do



Edit: I got it all to show up correctly, but now putting copper in turns it into iron?


Edit2: seems like anything that isn't hardcoded in is automatically changed into iron...


Edit 3: I DID IT


Haha, that was annoying. I believe my main issue was that I didn't have an item called unit_copper



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digging up an old thread :D


i have a problem adding a new material.


i modded the forge <property name="InputMaterials" value="iron,brass,lead,ilmenit, glass,stone,clay"/>...

I have the items and materials for ilmenit...

I modded the window materials_accepted="iron,brass,lead,ilmenit,glass,stone,clay"


but my material wont be burned inside the forge... what do I miss?

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Okay, i've found my mistake. I've forgotten to ad <property name="forge_category" value="ilmenit" /> to the material...


Works fine now, but...


No, when i have my new material in the forge, i can transform it to lead... very strange...




Nevermind... two items... same id... now all is fine

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