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Making a public Alloc map view


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Hey everyone,


I want to be able to have a game map that is available for anyone visiting a website to view. No login required. I followed the directions at https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/webmap for setting up the external files but the map does not show. Looking at the developer tools and server logs, it looks like it is loading the files (some successful, some 404) as I move the map around but they are not actually showing up on the screen. The zoom, reload, etc overlays are loading. Has anyone successfully used Alloc's map rendering files to render just the map with no crates, players, monsters, etc loaded on it for the public to see?


I'm just looking for a map with the basic overlays only, no APIs. Just want users to see the map, coords, zoom and move around. Any ideas?



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Did you install Alloc's full server fixes?

Did you render the map with no one logged in after installing the mod? (may take a few depending on the size of your mapped area.)

What you're looking for is totally functional, and super easy with Allocs mod. As long as you set it up properly.


We'll need more information in order to find where you're going wrong.

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Thanks for the reply!


Here is what I do (and I just did again):


1. Create a fresh Linux Ubuntu server

2. Use the automatic installer at https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Installation

3. Install the server fixes update VIA 7dtd.sh updatefixes

4. Create and start a instance

5. Add myself to the admins.xml

6. Log into server and run around for a bit to generate some map files

7. Visit [myip]:8082 and see that the map is working

8. Go to https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/webmap and run through the external setup


When I visit the IP without a port added to it I see on the left column Menu, Map and Log and on the right column it has the log but no entries. When I click on Map, it stays on the log screen even though it adds #tab_map to the URL. The Apache2 acces.log and error.log look OK. And no error in Chromes developer tool except for the background not loading. I've fixed it before with no different results.


I can modify some of the files so that the map section and overlays show but the map doesn't show. When I click on the Regions overlay, it shows some graphs on the screen but they are not side-by-side but instead normally going to the top left direction (after I play with files). What should be in the js/index.js file? There is something in it before I run cat js/index.js | sed -e 's|../../map/|map/|' > js/index.js but it's empty after.

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