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  1. video from myself and slaan discussing the latest version of slaanhatten: Prepare to Die Edition
  2. agree on all points here. even up to now the work youve put into SH is staggering and it really shows. we should probably give HB and SH a run on the test server to see how they go hand in hand. its very tempting though to go down the custom model route. i mean, who doesnnt wanna see a las vegas style "welcome to slaanhatten" sign?
  3. This is on our test server so you will be ok
  4. yeah it's still a work in progress but looks amazing, feel free to come on and check it out
  5. damn, check out this link http://northern-lan.co.uk/alpha-13-get-on-the-test-train/ (for the server password) and jump on the server to see it for yourself
  6. heres a preview video of Slaans rather amazing RWG rail system (It's currently a work in progress) [video=youtube;Nm5bLm_-Uuw] Hopefully once this is ready for a release it will make it into the compo pack for all to use
  7. alloc is it possible in the next version of the web map for admins to be able to kick/ban directly from the map? would be REALLLLLY useful Cheers c
  8. its.... beautiful. Dat releasenotes doe.... amazing work Magoli well done! Cant wait to try this out tonight!!!
  9. this pack https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?32569-Coronado-Remix-for-random-gen REALLY needs to be added to the compo-pack - - - Updated - - - cant wait for version 8, bring it magoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  10. Would it be possible to update the map so the left hand pane can be collapsed (an option to have it collapsed by default/remember a choice would be awesome too)
  11. seems there may have been some block ID changes in 12.5, check this out https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?32326-New-fangled-light-poles-complete-with-log-cabin-look&p=310750#post310750
  12. just as a heads up, the mapping "sign in through steam" doesnt seem to work when the map is ran in a frame, see here: http://nguk.ddns.net:8090/static/index.html and here in a frame.... http://northern-lan.co.uk/7d2d/
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