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Server optimization issues

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Hello, I've created a CPU load balancing optimization mod for 7 Days to Die to ensure that CPU and memory usage consistently stay at a minimum. However, despite having over 400 zombies on the server, the FPS still rapidly drops, with the CPU usage being less than 10% and memory usage at 1.3GB. Is there any way to address and resolve this issue?

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As you probably know, 400 zombies is far above what the game officially supports. And there are no known plans to raise these limits. So there is no expectation that performance would be tolerable, after you mod the game that way. If you want to post your specs or output log, somebody could dig in and get a better sense if the results you’re getting are expected.


I don’t know if I should go here but... @faatal does a lot of work on optimization, and sometimes he’s gracious enough to spend his free time engaging with users on the forum, especially on more technical topics. He might have something to say about your concerns on hardware utilization, which admittedly do sound low. Or he may be quite understandably busy working on the base game.

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