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LxS Hairstyles - Character Customization


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Hello there, Fellow Survivor! 

Do you often find yourself browsing Nexus to find character customization mods when you're playing games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, or Skyrim? Do you like your character to look like they can grow more than ten individual hairs at a time? Do you like to look like you didn't lose your sense of style when the apocalypse hit?

Look no further!

Introducing LxS Hairstyles - Character Customization - A mod that adds 22 hairstyles in 6+ colors each! It also adds 9 accessories, which include various colors of cat ears and angel halos!


The current version is for A21.2!

Planned things I want to add in the future:
Beards, Hair with Physics(or animation), More Animal Ears, and Devil Horns.
I am more than open to feedback on the names of the hairstyles, or others to add at a later date.

Download Instructions:
To use LxS Hairstyles, you need to download the file, unzip it, manually drop it into your mod folder, and you’re good to go!

How to Make Sure the Hairstyles Will All Fit Right and Look Right:
On the main menu of 7 Days to Die, click on the following: Options > Player Profile > Click the Character you play as > "Edit" and then do the following:
Set Head Size, Head Width, and Forehead Size to 0.50.
To make it look even better: Set your character hairstyle to Bald and choose a brown/natural color.

How to Get Hairstyles in Game:
Step One: Craft the LxS Hairstyle Workbench. (It's cheap and you can craft it in your inventory!)
Step Two: Place the LxS Hairstyle Workbench.
Step Three: Craft the Hairstyle(s)/Accessories you wish to use.
Step Four: Add the hairstyle to your helmet mod slot.

Compatible with almost all mods! Only incompatible with mods that change the character to an anime avatar or something.

Server Use:

This mod will need to be on the client and the server.

Known Bugs:
If you go into 3rd person view, or into and out of a vehicle, with a hairstyle equipped, you can see weird artifacts of the hairstyle in first person. Remove the helmet the hair is attached to and put it back on and it's fixed! (This is a 7 Days issue, not a me issue, so it's not something I can fix at the current time.)


If you need help with something, comment on this mod OR ask during one of my live streams! https://twitch.tv/LxSun And, if you like the mod, feel free to check out my live streams anyway!


Click Here to Download from Nexus!




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I can confirm this is for A21.2, and it is required to install it on both the Client and Server, where appropriate, due to custom assets. I could assist with the introductory video, and the creator mentioned they had been called away, but was eager to share this beforehand. It is possibly my fault for any delay in posting additional identifying info, as I delayed the process because... I was doing my hair.

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On 1/20/2024 at 8:35 PM, rautamiekka said:

Game version ? Should always indicate it and Client and/or Server requirement in the tags.


As Arramus said, it's very much for A21.2! Client and Server requirements are listed in the description already, but I made them more highlighted. Apologies for my late response, I've been out of town!

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