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unable to join

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When i try to join a friends server i keep getting An Internal Net Connection Error Occurred, to Prevent Stability Issue You Have Been Disconnected I have tried using the network work around it also did not work I have been playing on that server for 3 days now and now I can not get back in would really appreciate some help.

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This looks to be a Peer to Peer game and not a dedicated server hosting, if I'm gathering this correctly (unless you both posted logs as clients, the server log if it's a dedicated server would be nice to have, one of the connections failed because the server was paused, which can only happen in P2P).


I did spot one thing however that likely would help:


2023-11-07T18:50:15 118.316 INF NET: LiteNetLib trying to connect to:
2023-11-07T18:50:21 124.035 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connection failed: ConnectionFailed
2023-11-07T18:50:21 124.035 INF [EOS-P2PC] Trying to connect to:
2023-11-07T18:50:21 124.035 INF [EOS-P2PC] Connecting to EOS ID 0002e37b4c414793a54a13e5f59c259f


So, a failure to connect via LiteNetLib is pointing to port forwarding issues. The host (or server) will need to have 26900 TCP and 26900 - 26902 UDP forwarded to its IP address, and antivirus/firewall exceptions.

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The host needs to do the port forwarding, and both of you should have the appdata folder and main game folder added to antivirus exceptions. This guide needs some upating but still valid 

All routers are different, so do a quick google with the router name, such as "Linksys x9001 port forwarding". Don't download anything that claims to do the port forwarding for you, just find a guide for that router to port forward. Once you figure out where it is, it's easy. It's a good skill to learn for gaming, since port forwarding - even if you don't need it - for a host of a game will likely give you some stability in the connections.


Side note: the difference between a dedicated server and your friend hosting a server is the dedicated one runs as its own process with a command window and  the friend hosting is done in-game. The port forwarding and everything in there related to the dedicated server is also for the friend hosting which is what you both are doing. Anyone that hosts a game is technically also a server, it's just done in-game and not dedicated :)


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Maybe? it's technically not an issue, maybe more stability in EOS multiplayer play. But port forwarding for a game that uses as much data as this game does is paramount for clean gameplay regardless :)


If your friend (or whomever the host is) needs help port forwarding, have him give you or post the brand/model of his router


Also, if the dedicated server is a rented one from a place like PingPerfect, then yeah they have already done the port forwarding and everything for you. 

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  1. Open your internet browser and enter the Altice router’s default IP address/gateway, such as “,” and press Enter.
  2. The router’s login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your username and password to access the router’s settings page.
  4. Look for the “Port Forwarding” option. (you can find it under Virtual Server/NAT, Firewall, etc.)
  5. Then, Click on the “Add +” button to configure a new port forwarding rule.  
  6. Now, Enter the IP address of your device in the corresponding field.
  7. Provide the TCP or UDP ports in the respective fields.
  8. After you’ve finished, simply click the “Save” or “Apply” button.

These are steps I found for that particular setup, although I have read complaints that it doesn't work all the time, and other users suggested getting another brand of router and bridging them. 


TCP: 26900

UDP: 26900 26901 26902


Don't forget to set a static IP to the server, there should be a DHCP allocation setting on all connected devices in a list in one of those pages... I did research on that and only found a 6 year old set of screenshots, and anything more recent were just complaints about it not having that option anymore... I would suggest googing your specifc make and model (Altice is the name of the modem/router, so grab the model number and add that to a search). It's really difficult to tell which screenshots and info I'm seeing is for your model if I don't know what yours looks like, it's all over the place with that company.

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14 hours ago, layingthelaw said:

just the host needs to do this?


Yes. This is for the person hosting the P2P game or dedicated server. Just note it needs to be done on the machine that's running it, so if your friend has a separate machine on their network that's running the server, they'll need to port forward for THAT machine, not the one they play the game on (if it's the same machine, just that machine).

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