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(A21) Wild West Mod


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(A21) Wild West Mod can be downloaded and played directly through the 7D2D Mod Launcher here.

Alternatively, it can be manually downloaded and kept up to date through Github here.


Questions about the Wild West Mod can be answered in the Tallman Brad Gaming Community Discord here or through Guppy's Modding Discord here.


Introducing the Wild West Mod - 7 Days in the Wild West
The Wild West Mod rolls back time to around the Mid 19th Century Wild West America (+/- 20 years).
It attempts to remove features which are not time appropriate, and introduce additional features to expand and complement the overall experience. A few examples include:

- A hand made custom World called New Frontier with only the 'Old West' type tiling system with age appropriate POIs and features.
- Custom wagons replace modern automobiles for salvaging.
- Weapons have been rolled back with access to Tomahawks, Revolvers, Winchester Rifles, and an early day Gatling.
- Age appropriate food items.
- Custom lighting, traps, vending machines, and age appropriate switches of existing assets.
- Tiered horses as rewards for Quest Tier Completion. Each Tier sees a progressive increase in speed, greater inventory space, and more decorative appeal.

- Custom hostiles that may or may not be carrying projectile weapons.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here are a few images to demonstrate.


There are over 100 custom POIs with split into those being placed within the Old West type tileset for Towns, and hand placed POIs out of Town and in the Wilderness.

Here is Medusa's Paddle Steamer which offers T4 and T5 Infested Quests.



Wild West Towns are pretty expansive and offer the full range of T1 to T6 Questing opportunities.


Without giving too much away, hand crafted topographic features throughout the bundled New Frontier World by Tallman Brad.
It is possible to also make a World in RWG by following the instructions in the Guide contained within the Mod.


Expect to meet all manner of adversary from both the known...


to unknown...


And one tip. Don't shoot the Bison, unless they attack you first.



Grab a horse from the Oakraven stables, and the World is yours for the taking.



Rumor has it that there are many treasures out there to be had in New Frontier, with the biggest ones being found in the Wasteland Crater, although nobody has returned to tell the tale...

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Here are a few updates for A21.2 Stable.

  • Crafting Skills max skill has been pegged to the last unlock and rounded up/down to base 5 for conformity.
  • Horde idle sounds are added as gallop could sometimes be heard in idle state.
  • Guppy Vulture and Friends, known as the Crispy Family have a slightly reduced range as those stabby beaks were unreal.
  • Karate Chicken was scaled down to 0.9 since the attached cow skull is taking on the overscaling for the chicken head which is certainly more than 1.0 scale at default.
  • Lazman's Eliminate Horde Quest no longer points to the Quest Marker on dedicated servers for A21. SP is just fine but it's another victim of netcoding... It has been changed to Eliminate Crispy Horde since they have their own wave in Horde Night (bdubyah suggestion) and players both hate it and love it with equal volume.
  • Custom loot containers also appear to be a victim on netcoding and Caught Chicks and Queen Bees can be harvested from trees at a low rate.
  • UI was patched as 80% was still showing 100% and is displaying appropriately with a resize.
  • Localization updates.
  • POI updates.



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