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Advice: Biome colors in quest descriptions

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Hi all.  I've done a little bit of fairly simple modding to date - adding and removing recipes, manipulating loot, changing zombie spawning and attributes etc.  But the idea I have for a mod I'm not sure if is possible or where to start.


When I've been playing recently I've run into a few scenarios where I've followed a quest marker to a POI only to find that it's inside a patch of Snow or Desert and realized I didn't have the right gear to be able to survive there long enough to do the quest.  I may have the gear back at base and I would like to know beforehand whether I need to go get properly kitted out before heading to the POI to do the quest.


I've got mods showing the POI names in the Trader Quest dialog, including one that changes the color of the POI name based on the quest type.  What I'm wondering is if there is any way to change the color of the POI name based on the biome type that the POI is in (e.g. white for Snow, yellow for Desert, black for Burned Forest etc.).  I have no idea whether you can even query that information or how I would then go about turning it into a conditional color choice within the localization file.


Any help (even if it's to say it's impossible) would be appreciated.



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Will be interesting to see, especially with even more biomes in the works for some mods.

As Dee Snider sings...

"Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play
Only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say
As you go down, down, down
You're gonna burn in Hell
Oh, burn in Hell!"



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