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  1. Hey all. I've just started modding and I'm working from the Romero mod as a base, trying to recreate something even more akin to early Romero movies - so my zombies always shamble, moan continuously, can't climb etc. Their real danger comes from weight of numbers and relentlessness. However, I'm struggling to figure out where the values are which control 1) how long they'll track you once aggro'd and 2) how far away they can track you from once aggro'd. At the moment it's too easy to lose them by just running past, so I want them to be pretty determined. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful. Thanks.
  2. Hmm, I edited the file but the game seems to be completely ignoring my changes and still spawning me in the same place. Any ideas why that would be? Edit: The spawn point it's loading me at is still one of the original ones created by KingGen. Another Edit: I renamed the folder and then started a new game. The old world version was still there (in spite of no longer existing) but when I scrolled through the list of worlds, the renamed folder version was there at the end - and starting a game from that one updated the spawn point correctly. Seems like it was some kind of caching issue perhaps?
  3. Ahhh, good to know, thanks. For some reason I'm finding that I spawn in the same place every time instead of randomly so I'll edit that and fix it that way. By the way thanks for your vid on the tool, it was super helpful.
  4. Hey King - any chance of getting additional control over the placement of spawn points? I would love to be able to, for example, rule out spawn points near cities or prefer spawn points near villages to set a sense of progression in the early game.
  5. Also just realised I'm not hearing the 'Trader Joe's is Closing' announcement (I'm living right next door).
  6. Hey Kaine. Just started using your mod and having a great time - it's completely changed my playstyle which is what I wanted. I have a quick question and a weird bug - question is, have you removed Trader protection in the mod? For some reason I'm able to destroy things and zombies attacking the trader post aren't causing the usual alarm to sound. The bug is - for some reason I have 2 copies of the trader NPC spawning in the trading post offering different inventories and different missions. I'm only using a couple of additional modlets and nothing that should be affecting traders in any way. Is this a known issue or just some random individual weirdness? Thanks.
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