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Fixing ADS/realine iron sights

Adam the Waster

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So I'm playing and then it dawned on me when I pulled out the hunting rifle.... 


What the hell happened to the ADS? This goes for so many weapons like the Hunting rifle, Magnum, Tactical AR, and lever action 


All the other weapons are fine, yeah they are too zoomed in but it's find 


You may say! "Just uses reflex sights" and yes that may be true. I shouldn't have too. What if I want more mods on my gun

And in the case of the Tactical AR the reflex sight is broken


*bottom image has the TAR reflex sight, I'm at work on break I can't pull any on my pc videos are from Bear gaming and King of the Zeds*






TAR with reflex 


Here's what weapons like the TAR looked like before alpha 21


I love alpha 21 but what happened here? Lmao 


This video I got it from was  Snyplays all guns alpha 20. 



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