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Real world variation on when blood moons occur


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My play group plays sporadically, each of us play different hours different times etc. Some of us play more some of us play less. Organizing for a blood moon is hard given the chaos these play times and play length do to the in game clock/timer. I would like to be able to set on my server that blood moons occur during a specific window of the real world week. This way my players can come and go on their random schedules, but we can organize that everybody's on at say 7:00 p.m. Friday night and we can all enjoy a blood moon together.


Configurations I believe would be viable for this situation:

Blood Moon event schedule method: real world time

Blood Moon real world event window start: 6:00 pm

Blood Moon real world event window end: 10:00 pm

Blood Moon real world event active days: Tuesday, Friday


So for example, I would like every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. to have blood moons enabled and the first game day that starts in that window will be a blood moon.


An additional setting that would be nice as a server owner:

Number of players online to spawn blood moons: ##

This way if you're just running around solo on the server waiting for people to show up you're not spawning the blood moon.



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I am not certain what limits there are when configuring time between blood moons (maybe there is a max time???) but unless you can't increase the time between blood moons enough to have it only once a week, just start a new game and set the blood moon frequency at enough time based on your day length setting to make it so it happens at the same time once a week (or twice a week or whatever).  I have a feeling you might not be able to increase it to once a real week but once a day at a specific time is probably possible.


Just a thought until/if they maybe consider such an option.


Also, I kind of doubt they'd add this option because the blood moon is meant to be a main part of the game and having the game play without a horde for a real week defeats that.  After all, even on 2 hour days, that would be one horde night every 84* game days (12 game days per real day * 7 real days).  And double that for the default one hour days.  *I know time doesn't pass on a server if no one is online so this is the max but it's still likely to be close to half of that as at least one person is likely to be online at least half of every day if you have a decent number of players.


The best option, imo, for this kind of situation is to either only have the game running at certain times/days when people can play so that time doesn't progress.  By not allowing anyone to play during the other times, you have control over how quickly the game progresses.  Alternatively, you have the server shut down automatically at the beginning of day 7.  You then turn it back on when you want everyone to have a chance at horde night and then have it shut down automatically at the beginning of day 14.  And so on.  But this leaves a lot of time when people can't play the game.  Then again, your suggestion means people who want to play regularly (daily) can't enjoy horde night very often and that isn't a great thing either.

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