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Infection "Black Outs" for multiplayer shenanigans

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Have any of you awesome modders considered creating a mod, that would work in 7Days multiplayer, which has a chance to cause a player to temporarily lose control of their character?


  • This would happen at infrequent and inconvenient times if the player-character is infected and the disease is allow to progress too far without treatment. If the infection percentage reaches 50% (just throwing that out as an example), an NPC AI takes over the character for short periods of time.
  • During these "black outs," the infected player-character gets bitey and tries to "sample the buffet."
  • The player gets to go along for the ride and can voice warnings, if they want. Maybe the player chooses to ham it up! Is it possible to have the mod distort the player's voice during these black-outs?
  • As the infection state gets worse, the black-outs occur with increasing frequency and it takes more time for the player to get control back.
  • At 100%, the character is fully zombified and becomes an hostile NPC. The player finds themself spawning in as a new character, fresh and nekkid.


Just a silly idea from your friendly, neighborhood survivor!


Edit: For years, I have wanted to play Zombie-Maiku in a multiplayer game and have some laughs with my fellow players. I get that there are other games that have this sort-of thing as a feature, with Dead by Daylight and Back 4 Blood being just two examples among many, but I prefer 7Days.

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For a "blackout": I made an unreleased/unfinished mod (too buggy and hard to maintain) that had a lot of "unknown drugs" in it you would find and/or make. Some were buffs, others were debuffs. You never knew until you took one what it would do, and the effects to start and go through the "course of action" lasted many in game hours. One of the "random effects" of a debuff was to sometimes give a slight warning message like "you dont feel so good. Maybe you should lie down" and then, randomly a minute or 15 later, the character ragdolls and stays down for a random time (10 sec to 2 minutes or something).


it got interesting during testing as you would take pills, and then just have to wait, never knowing what would happen to you, other than buffs/debuffs were applied. It made trying to loot a poi while debuffed very interesting and deadly as you might just fall to the ground and lay there as zombies were going after you.


Anyway, other than that i don't know how to even approach the other effects you mentioned. Im not even sure if the "ragdoll player" commands exist anymore (i think vomiting got removed as well)

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