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Placeable objects that create icons on the map

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Hey folks,


Just wanted to share a concept I have... now stop that! Stop rolling your eyes, I'm not here asking for you to make it or even asking for guidance where you basically end up doing it all for me anyway! However, I am curious if any more experienced members have tried this before and what hurdles they ran into, or indeed if anyone has saw mods that do it already.


TL;DR - Has anyone made a block that you can place in the world and it in turn creates an icon you can see on the map?


Initially I started creating signs and placing them on buildings when I'd looted them,


Then I progressed to taking a screenshot of the map and having it open on a second screen in Paint and crossing off buildings as I looted them,


Then I stumbled upon the below image in a random reddit thread about map generating and it got me thinking that it sure would be handy if there was an automated way of marking POIs that you'd visited with something like the below. I know the game can detect when you are in a POI (evident by the adjusted lootstage) and I know waymarkers exist, so it should theoretically be possible.


I decided to look into C# modding and in the process stumbled upon @xyth's  Fun with Flags Tutorial which gave me my final, and current concept for my first mod: a placeable object that in turn makes a marker appear on the map.


It's got to be possible right? I mean, the bedroll does it, the LCB does it, anyone foresee a reason my "Waymarker Flags" can't do it too? 



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