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7Auto - 7D2D customizable autorun and more


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Hello everybody :)


I'm here to present you a software I developed, running on Windows, that can be used while playing to 7 Days to Die, to autorun, autodrive (and autotrack animals and automine in future version).

So it's not a mod of the game as we mostly know it, in fact, it will just simulate your keys pressed to run and walk in loop, so you can get rid of touching your keyboard, nevertheless, I decided to make it specific to 7 Days to Die.


In the future, I would also like to get info from the user to automaticaly compute the optimal loop :)


It is free, and open source (sources will be available when I'll publish a complete version of it).


For now, I would like to know if some people would like to test it, giving me feedback.
EAC (EasyAntiCheat) must unfortunately be disabled to get it work.


It would very help me to have your impressions :)

If you have any question, technically of anything else, don't hesitate ^^


Thank you in advance


EDIT : v1.2.1 ready to be tested ^^


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