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7 Days to Die didn't start the game because of no character creation


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I have a big problem.

I play with frieds this game on a server. We finished. I close the game normal I do.

Next time the game didn't start in the server.

I would create a new character. There is also a mistake. The game didn't start.

I deinstall the game. I clear all 7 days things from my computer. I installed it new (on steam).

But nothing happend. The same mistake. The game didn't start and no character creation is possible.


I also do the helps that I find in internet like search %app% ... blablabla. All this dosen't work.


The truth is I can't play this game anymore, when the mistake cant't delete.


The error massage, when I would create a charakter:

EXC IndexOutOfRangeExpection: Index was outside the bounds of the array.


The Error Message when I load the game on server and the game want load my character:

EXT NullReferenceExpection: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Please help me!


I can not play this game anymore. There's no possibility 😞


Thank you!



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