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Things I would like to see added to the game


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Overall, I am content with the way the game is functioning for me as I play the game.  There are a couple small things that I would like to see added/changed in the game


1) the ability to change the couple of the aiming reticle when not using a scope.  This is something that would help me early game when I am playing with a bow build.


2) Better stack drop physics - when taking out the bottom of a double stack of lets say cobblestones and most times the top pile will just stay floating in the air, weirds me out.

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This is tied to how blocks are set up to attach to one another on all sides. If you have a top block that is against a wall, it won't fall, for example.  But if it isn't touching anything other than what it is sitting on, it will fall.


I think different block types should have different attachment values for each side such that a stack of concrete can't stay up if only attached to anything other than it's bottom edge.  The same for something like a bag.  This has to vary by item as things like wall blocks need to be able to attach on all sides.  Maybe it is just set when creating the POI, but not affecting building things in game.

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