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OCB Undead Legacy Compatible Mods


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A curated list of my mods that I confirmed to be compatible with Undead Legacy.

Mileage may vary between mods, but there shouldn't be any major showstoppers.



Important note about load order


All my mods need to load after undead legacy mods. Since the load order is alphabetical,

you need to rename all mods from their original name. Easiest way to do this is to simply

prefix every mod folder with a `Z`. Some smaller xml modlets (e.g. steel bars) are already

made specifically for UL, if you choose the right download file on nexus.




Since Undead Legacy introduces quite a lot of new resources and also removes some

vanilla ones, the recipes all needed to be adjusted or re-created. Since most of my mods

require custom C#/Harmony code anyway, I've included a way that allows my mods to

work with vanilla and other mods out of the box. It basically adds the possibility to load

different xml configs according to what mod is loaded or not.


Recipes are open for discussion as I mostly really just made a first educated guess and at

most adjusted them slightly where I found them out of balance.

I hope some UL users find this list useful.
Will try to update it when I confirm more mods to be compatible.


I may also do the same for Darkness Falls or other mods. Although

I believe most mods should be compatible by now. I already tested

most of them successfully, but nothing curated and confirmed yet!




All the best and good zombie hunting!

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