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Starting Over is the Most Fun, Unless...


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Playing peer-to-peer 20.5 PVE in an RNG world. Three of us play on the host's game which for him is run on Linux - not that it matters I would think.


We've had a few glitches, primarily the loss of gyrocopters upon a hard landing. Only to find them on subsequent game sessions where they were remembered by the Vehicle_manager to have been parked prior to their 'disappearance'. Inconvenient, but it happens. 


Tonight the day 70 Horde was coming. It was around 14:00 in-game time when the host's computer quit responding after about 4 hours into the session. No issue. Just quit the game on my end, and then check the browser periodically for the session's name to appear. It's happened before. We knew the drill.


Thing is, once I reconnected to the session, my character had been reset to zero and spawning 2 km from our base. Starter backpack and zero skills. As if I had been mugged once again and forced to drink the Fergittin' Elixer. The host and our other team member were not affected. Oddly though, when I went to reconnect to the host, one thing stood out: the browser indicated that his game had no players. I should have waited I guess until the host was fully up and running perhaps before attempting to rejoin. So be it.  I was driven back to our base (in my underwear) and had only a short time to get dressed, put on armor (with no mods), grab ammo and some guns (no mods) and some firstaid kits to help defend against the impending waves of zeds who were intent on having us for a midnight snack.


We survived the night. The base remained intact. And during the onslaught I leveled up with 26 skill points to spend.


And now I get to start all of those Trader quests over again as well.  Fastest levelling ever for a fresh character! Well, atleast for me, and I've logged over 10k real honest-to-goodness game hours since Alpha 1. 


Just goes to show, one never knows what this game is gonna hand ya. Or take from ya.



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