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I have been playing this game for a bit now and had some thoughts on adding some tools/abilities in the game.


It takes quite a while to get to bikes/motorcycles/trucks to be built.  It helps getting across long distances but also helps with storage while exploring and gathering materials to get through mid-game content.  


What are the chances of adding the ability to build wheelbarrows?  All it would take is a wheel, nails, wood for handles and then scrap metal.


Something else I got  to thinking about is that it takes a while to get to building means of transportation listed above.  What if we have the option to replace broken parts on cars/vehicles around and can use those temporarily until we can make our own from scratch?  Maybe have that added to the point system.  A negative to it is that it goes through parts quicker/breaks easier, but it would help and makes sense with the skill tree build already in place. 


Thought I would throw these ideas out there and see what happens.  May add more as I think of them, but these two are ones I have been thinking on for a while now.  



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Many games let you progress from really bad items to better and better items. Be it weapons, armor or vehicles.

So that players don't run around immediately with the best stuff (why would they choose any of the mediocre weapons if they could get an M60 at day 1?) the better stuff is always gated, in other words they player must progress to get the better stuff.


The same happens with 7D2D vehicles. You are not expected to drive around in a 4x4 on day 8, the game makes sure this is very very improbable. This is intentional.


It isn't hard to get the bicycle, most people have one at the end of the first week.




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As meganoth said, it's definitely intended to take a little while to get those higher-tier vehicles, and for good reason. If you're utilizing traders, a bicycle is ALWAYS offered as one of the rewards after you complete T1 quests (7 quests, IIRC). I've had a bike as early as day 3 or 4 I think. The bike does have some storage (although IMO it shouldn't have any storage at all). Even if you don't play with traders, a single point into Grease Monkey will allow you to craft a bike, and the parts and materials are easy enough to get.


There might be some mods that allow you to fix up broken vehicles, though the only one I know of for sure is Undead Legacy. However that is an overhaul mod that changes a lot about the game. It's not everyone's cup a tea.

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