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How can i play older alphas such as alpha 4?

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Howdy everyone! I've been a fan of this game ever since markiplier started playing it and I've always been wondering how can i play alphas such as alpha 4? on steam the oldest you can go is 8.8 but if anyone out there can help me play these old alphas it would be appreciated.

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Can try here.



I my self have almost every alpha from 5 up to 20... I couldn't get 7 for some reason. Was just playing versions 10 and 11 today. Also have 14,15,16 and 19 on drive to play.





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My files got mixed up and will have to check them again...sorrry

Try these 2...will have to check alpha 6 again later.


Well it seems you know how to get from 8 to present versions and as far as I can tell you can't get the presteam version of 1 to 4 so that just leaves 5, 6, and 7.




download_depot 251570 251571 5316387393437744190





7.10 (I couldn't get 7.11 for some reason)


download_depot 251570 251576 4644625435838178353

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alright I know I sound like a idiot but can you try to help me with this? I've been trying what that guide was telling me but it seems like nothing happens. Also i wish the fun pimps would release the old alphas as like a dlc for the game you know i would pay however much they'd ask for it just to relive my childhood.

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12 hours ago, Brains said:

That document is for PC only. Looks like you posted this in the console section which doesn't have previous versions.


I never even noticed that lol. I have done this before because I just hit the new posts button and scroll through that.


I am guessing he is looking for the games for the PC from what he has said but good call on that. Your name fits :D


Am guessing he will also confirm when he reads your post...

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