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  1. There shouldn't be any ads on the site.
  2. EWWWWW now i have it. thanks alot @SylenThunder you @%$# Ok, lets try this. It seems it is a new "feature" and there isn't a way to disable it. It was set for topics with 3 pages and i changed it to show under the first post. Not as noticable and is out of the way until I can find a way to remove it. Ok removed it
  3. I'll look into this. I actually don't see the side bar so maybe it is a setting?
  4. Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?
  5. I guess the devs decided a cancel button wasn't needed since if you decide not to make the post, just scroll away from it and continue reading or go to a new page.
  6. See the top notification, it is being rebuilt by background processes and should be fixed by tomorrow.
  7. Yes, the posts are indeed there as I can see them. Also I am looking into people posting and it requiring a moderator to approve it.
  8. Welcome to the new forums. We have 2 themes, a light and dark. You can change the theme at the bottom of the page. Please give the system a few hours for it to process all the changes. This includes post indexing and fixing BBCode's.
  9. Bingo! looks like the main website was having some issues, should be back up. While the old url for the forums still re-routes to the new location, that would of caused a major delay.
  10. AWS blocks ICMP requests by default. But on a side note, the site loads fast for me and I get the output as you doing the tracert.
  11. Active mod threads shouldn't be deleted, this could be a linking / url issue with the update from 4.2 to 5.6, some of the url linking changed.
  12. Really old threads are being removed in preparation for the migration to the new system. It is trying to be done in a way that users keep their post counts, but given the horrible vBulletin system, the prune feature doesn't work so moderators are having to do it manually, and it looks like doing it manually may be triggering the user post count to be recounted on deletion.
  13. Yes, it is there to quick link to a post, normally people would right click and select copy link location, but now it just opens a dialog instead of just refreshing the page since there isn't a need to refresh the page since you are already at the post.
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