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my host says...


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so my server host says...

mmap(PROT_NONE) failed
Caught fatal signal - signo:6 code:-6 errno:0 addr:0x4fe00249d9d
Obtained 28 stack frames.
[3:59 AM]
this is the reason of the last crash
[4:00 AM]
signal 6 means the program was trying to access a wrong area of memory
[4:00 AM]
this is a bug in a game
[4:00 AM]
unfortunately we can't do a lot about it
[4:00 AM]
you may try to reach FunPimps support
[8:56 AM]
[8:57 AM]
my server gets this error and gives everyone a network connection error and automatically shuts down.

i have also wiped my server enitrely twice, new map both times and i still get this code.

Hosting rented from 7d2d.net

When it happends: Whenever it wants to...it just boots everyone and says network connection error.


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