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(Suggestion) Ability to add Prefrabs into exisiting maps?

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37 minutes ago, DefiantDucky said:

I have heard whispers that this was possible to do in MP maps as an admin a long time ago, not sure if it is possible now?


Some kind of creative mode features that lets you add Prefabs or poi's into an already existing map for multiplayer?

Use the world editor lol. Been in for a while to be able to do this

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I don't believe there's any way to do it as you're playing, if that's what you're looking for. There used to be a menu under "K" that did something like this, though I never really used it and it was removed.


However, as @stallionsden mentioned, if you select your existing world and open it in the world editor you can add POIs. This tutorial is a little old, but it might be helpful. I don't think it will affect your world other than the changes you make. If, for example, you're worried about your world resetting, I don't believe that will happen.


That's if you're hosting multiplayer locally, I can't speak to additional steps you may have to do if you're running a server.



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