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Retake City Quest for 1 or 2 cities


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Since this is a Crafting and Survival game, seems like this would be a nice mid/late game feature.


Have a larger Trader outpost with 2 traders in it, next too a city or 2 where the main goal of their quest are to make permanent changes too the city in an effort to retake it from the zombies, a piece at a time.  Not only would you have the normal quest of Fetch, Clear, Power, Buried, but now you would actually be trying to rebuild a building and adding walls and other defenses too them, sometimes adding housing and bedding for NPCs to take up residence, as well as, sometimes restoring a buildings original function, like a manufacturing plants ability to produce its goods.


Each building restored could start giving world map bonuses too all players on it. 

- Loot buffs

- Food production

- Access to new special weapons and armor you wouldn't even be able to craft normally

- New mods such as a vehicle weapons controlled by the passenger

- NPC housing that gives you the option to have an NPC follower, after a certain range of requirements where met, that provides support roles, such as storage, medical response, harvesting of animals and cooking and operator of a vehicle weapon, when player Characters are unavailable.


Restoring a city would also attract new and harder zombies towards that city with different stages of difficulty at different stages of redevelopment of the city.

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Given the fact that this game is a crafting and survival game where a big part is about creating horde bases to fight and win against the 7th day horde night, I do find it surprising that there seems to be so little interest in this idea.

If base building plays such a big role in this game, then isn't quest related to building and retaking a city back from the zombies a logical conclusion that has a natural flow to how this game works and is played?


After all, it is a way too get a couple things done.

1: Add some Mid game, late game content that flows with the nature of this game, even plays to some of the players bases tenancy too build bases and even add an in game feature of restoring buildings.

2: Allows for a few extra steps towards making friendly/neutral/hostile human NPCs work and how to get those AI's not to fight with the zombie AI.  Friendly defender NPCs could be stationed at the trader outpost that leads the city retake missions.  starting out with only a couple of them at the start and first mission progressions and growing in number and capability with each successful mission.  NPC Numbers, abilities and equipment change with how many and why kind of restoration effort the mission was.  The first friendly NPC iteration could have set patrol paths with minimal allowance for changes too help spot bugs related to AI conflicts.  More freedom of movement for them could be added later as bugs are cleared out.

3: Gives players additional content such as buffs related too what buildings are restored and sometimes new equipment options, that wouldn't be possible without such things as mass production or the ability to make things that use nanotech to enhance gear and equipment.

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On 6/16/2022 at 3:07 AM, KotCP said:

I do find it surprising that there seems to be so little interest in this idea.


I wasn't going to reply because I don't want to be a guy who weighs in on every topic that gets suggested. Personally, I like the general idea and could quibble about some of the details. I have wondered what a "7D2D meets Fallout 4 settlements" fusion would look like and how it might be superior to Fallout 4. Naturally, in my mind I envision something truly awesome. I worry that implementing the idea might be a large and strategic effort that might make it hard for it to find the necessary champion in TFP. You might have to influence somebody pretty high up to get a feature like this. (I don't know, I'm guessing.)


I suspect an idea like this would need a significant ground-swell of support. I'm not certain Pimp Dreams ideas get enough views for that. (The forums say 59 views so far, and several of those are mine.) They feel more like small prayers that you throw out and hope a catch the eye of a developer. Other than responding to comments, there really isn't a mechanism for measuring support that I have seen. (Maybe I'm just oblivious.) Hmm, there might be a "survey" feature in these forums, but if so we don't tend to see them in these topics.

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One version of this I've imagined is a class of "Marketplace" quests where you either build a secondary base, or secure certain POIs which get turned into a destructible  trading post, which accumulates bonuses the longer you are able to defend them.  Bonuses like the ability to place permanent turrets, add a second trader, or whatever.

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