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  1. My past experience with Peer to Peer on other networking related stuff and games has been, people on the same LAN as you. So when I see things popping up in the Peer to Peer connection option, I am left confused as I know that I am not hosting a game within my routers LAN, yet I am seeing servers popup in my Peer to Peer list. So I am left to wonder, what does Peer to Peer means to 7D2D?
  2. Game balance difficulty wise, there is always the Add New and Harder Zombies option as well as creating Zombie layers with Boss Zombies in it, not just the Zeds scattered around all the POIs we know so far, but actual Zombie created strong holds with all the bee hive made of dead body parts mush that such would come with. then you still also need to fill the Lore of "where did the zeds come from, how did this apocalypses start, missions/quest campaign, to explain why 7D2D is a Zed horror apoc." I think raising farm animals should still be added in. This game, in of itself still h
  3. I do have to wonder why this and Animal Farming hasn't been added in yet. It seems long over due.
  4. So, you want UV lights added? Making an underground Garden is as simple as make an underground cave, place farm plots, place lights, plant crops.
  5. An easy way to tell if a room is an auto aggro room, just hit any paper/glass/whatever with a stone axe to kill it. Then there is nothing to carelessly step on. If you still get a sudden rush of zeds, it is an auto aggro room. One of the down town/old town looking mom and pop stores with multiple floors is like that, when you get to the near top floor. The one with a hole in the roof and corner of the building. You can kill all the trash at the door and leave nothing to accidentally wake zeds up and still suddenly get rushed, even while sneaking with maxed from the shadows.
  6. I wish we knew what the armor values of the zeds where. This would help us see how much damage mediation was occurring. If Zed armor rating works the same as player armor rating, then it would go a long way to explain why some zeds require a heck of a lot of normal bullets, when you have no penetration skill points spent and can see the Zeds exact health numbers cause of a mod.
  7. So far the only thing I have seen that negates what I am saying, is Armor. In all the stuff I wrote, I didn't take into account Zeds with armor, in which there are a few of them. Some have light armor, some have heavier armor. The Suit Zed in the black monkey suit has very light armor. Still very 1 shotable. The military Zed has armor for short, the highest end of light armor, so not something you will 1 shot early on for sure, but not long till you can 1 shot its head. Bears and Zed bears are not 1 shot head shot-able for a decent amount of time. Going to take some upgr
  8. If you know what your doing, how to do it and what skills to purchase, Stealth can be quite fast. Crossbows come with its own Sneak attack bonus stat of 200%. Knives come with a 400% sneak Attack bonus. These weapons sneak attack bonuses are added to any personal skill related sneak attack bonuses from the agi skill tree Hidden Strike and you still have skill perk books that can add another 50% on top of all that. You get a crossbow that you can do 100 damage on with stone bolts, you can easily do 650 damage, one shotting most zeds no matter where you hit them. And if you head sho
  9. I have noticed the spawn in nature of the Zeds have changed to something like that, where they arn't in the house until I get in there. That does piss me off and feels like cheating. I have also noticed a large increase in zeds suddenly rushing me out of no where as well, leaving me the, "they where not their a second ago, nor was this how they worked in the last A#, wtf?!?!" again feeling like I was cheated. That being the case is why I carry the Robo(junk?) Turrets with me all the time now and setup Anti-Ambusah insurance rooms to fall back too, especially when I can't setup th
  10. Me personally I hate dying with a passion, so I choose stealth to minimize my chance at being killed, especially in the early game, where the most you are likely to have is a bow, unless you get lucky with the loot and opening spawn near a ShotGM. Depending on how you handle stealth, it can potentially be pretty fast, especially if you have a lot of points spent in it and have the skill books, ESPECIALLY the no stamina drain one. When stealth works, it affords you a control over your situation that can allow you to murder entire floors of Zeds in a short time period.
  11. On my combat focused characters, I play stealth a lot, especially in the starting out of the game. It is annoying to have this issue where the Devs seem to have programmed in an invisible trigger that suddenly activates a group of Zeds to rush at you when you get to a certain point on the map, in these POI's. Makes me glad I played Neverwinter Nights and messed with the level creators for that old game. Gained an understanding of "invisable location triggers." Because of that, I have had to work around these triggers, I can't see, by simply smashing the heck out of the build
  12. Adding a weapon to a MultiCrew vehicle would be nice. Maybe they could add the Hummer or something like it as well.
  13. Half the reason for suggesting the Titanium idea was also for the Electrical Systems Advanced Controlled Forge/Workbench/ChemStation idea to be introduced. It would be nice to be able to create a wider variety off things threw them and using a wider range of materials. There are chemical bonds in certain metal alloys that need the use of computer controled systems in order to make possible after all, due tot he precise technical measurements and timing needed to become possible. If the FunPimps ever manage to add Friendly NPCs that are mobile, functional, loadout equipable an
  14. You say all that, yet the military uses Titanium in its Airframes. Why would the military use Titanium Airframes if your concern about brittleness was a real issue? Fighter Jets would be getting subjected to tons of repeating sheering forces all the time. I think you are making up excuses to say it is a bad idea. And the only reason why Titanium is rare, due to most of the ore pockets being inaccessible and in Russia. The technology needed to refine Titanium has come a long way, especially with computer controlled technology. So forging Titanium isn't a problem anymore.
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