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would any of these idea's work for 7d2d?


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*** harvesting tool AND  lawn mower  added to motor tools /auger/chainsaw/harvesting tool (harvest crops  but no damage to ground and  no swinging required)
*** digital % number option for energy/life/experience/food/water (mostly experience) bars
*** fishing pole / fish /boat /motor for boat
*** parachute
*** roving gang of thugs
*** remote security cameras and screens (so you can see who's chipping at your base)


comments / opinions welcome


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Some of these have been suggested and the pro/cons discussed. You can use the search function to view these past threads. Type in fishing for fishing thread, ect. 


#1 - Are u suggesting a harvesting tool that does not have the swinging animation? if so why would you want that? 

     - Lawn mower - I recall past threads/discussions of this and have vague recall of it being a no go for some reason. I could be wrong though. Personally I could see the          usefulness of it.  

#2 - I would think adding numbers like that to the UI would require the UI to be bigger so player can see them. Personally I'm against more UI clutter or making it bigger, but if added wouldn't make a fuse over it. 

#3 - Absolutely no fishing will be added to the game from what I remember reading. Personally, this seems like it would be an optional in game activity not needed to progress your game play. Do you really think you'd be able to fish while also trying to defend against zombies and wild animals? Now passive "fish traps" you just place into "in game generated" lakes/streams I could get behind as that would not require a consistent action done by player with no progression reasoning. I see the "trap" as the same as farming. Mostly passive, but requiring minimal consistent player action.  

#4 - Search parachute for past thread on this. It's worth a read and I'm not going to repeat that thread here. 

#5 - Uhmm... are you currently up to speed on what TFP are currently working on? Dude... think Bandits. SMH

#6 - This "feature" is in the DF mod and it's kinda buggy from what I have seen/heard. Sometimes it can work great other times, not so much. Besides their are audible indications alerting the player when their base is being chipped at and it will always be zombies or animals. Now a hud indication of what is around you within a certain block radius of you would be great imo, but I'm biased to that because it's part of DF and I absolutely love that feature. It does require the use of skill points so it's not a "free" ability. Not sure how something like that would or could be explained as being able to obtain in vanilla though as it's not a physical asset. 

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It may not help as most posts asking for things want them added to vanilla game but I am pretty sure many of these things have been added as mods by modding community.

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